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Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by mikhailnolan, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. mikhailnolan

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    We’ve all heard the hype about the end of the world, terrorism, riots, 2012 and our failing world economies. There hasn’t been much of a remedy for surviving all of these tremendous threats to our families and ourselves. There hasn’t been much of a remedy until now…

    What appears to be a 2,000 square foot home nestled somewhere in the Adirondack Mountains is actually the surface entrance to 125 foot stairwell that leads to a 2,300 square foot Launch Control Center (LCC) that has been converted into an ultimate underground survival home. The LCC has a 40 foot diameter with 3 foot thick epoxy resin formulated resin concrete reinforced with stainless steel mesh (enough strength to withstand a nuclear blast).

    Although survival is nothing to be taken lightly, it can be done in style. This new-age fallout shelter includes a full kitchen, dining area, entertainment center with satellite television access, two private suites, and exquisite marble baths with a Jacuzzi.

    The above ground section of the silo home has a 28 window open floor plan home with a kitchen, island fireplace and a wrap around covered porch.

    If for some reason you needed to make a quick escape from your survival shelter you can always head up the secret escape hatch that leads to the hangar/garage and make a speedy aerial escape from your FAA and DOT approved private paved runway. For more information please find us on face book at https://www.facebook

    The Silohome alone is on sale for $1.2 million, there are also other lots available nearby for those who are interested.
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    First post and you wanna sell me somethin' for 1.2 mill? And on Facebook to boot....

    I don't think you're going to get very far here without first letting people get to know you.
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    +1 on the sales bit. Thread locked pending research into validity (won't waste much time on that, I assure you.) Link edited to remove the potential for spam.

    OP may contact any admin via PM for instructions.
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