UN to propose planetary regulations of water, food .

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    UN to propose planetary regulations of water, food

    An environmental report issued by an agency of theUnited Nationslast month has some critics sounding the alarm, saying it is a clarion call for "global governance" over how the Earth is managed.The report, “21 Issues for the 21st Century,” from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Foresight Process, is the culmination of a two-year deliberative process involving 22 core scientists. It is expected to receive considerable attention in the run-up to the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable development*which will be held in Rio,Brazil, in June.The scientists who wrote the report say it focuses on identifying emerging issues in the global environment, and that it is not about mandating solutions.
    But its critics see an agenda lurking in its 60 pages, which call for a complete overhaul of how the world's food and water are created and distributed -- something the report says is “urgently needed” for the human race to keep feeding and hydrating itself safely.
    “This is more utopianism, pie-in-the-sky pleading for ‘global governance,’ including what they acknowledge as ‘novel governance arrangements,’ including, ‘alliances between environmentalist and other civil society groups,’” charged Chris Horner, author of Red Hot Lies: HowGlobalWarmingAlarmists Use Threats, Fraud and Deception to Keep You Misinformed, and a senior fellow for energy and environment at the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) in Washington, D.C.
    We are not talking about a world government.
    - Professor Oren Young
    The Foresight Report suggests actions to save humanity from starvation, the overheating planet and the collapse of the world’s oceans -- options that include new “constitutional frameworks,” “international protocols” and a “shared vision” for land and water management that essentially rewire existing treaties and governments.But the group insists it’s not a call for global governance.
    “We are not talking about a world government,” said Dr. Oren Young, professor of institutional and international governance and environmental institutions at theUniversity of Californiaat Santa Barbara, and one of the scientists who issued the report.
    He said the panel’s conversations included questions like, “How do we resolve these problems without creating this monster entity?”
    Young said the panel wasn’t tasked with finding all the answers.
    “We realize that government can be part of the problem,” he told FoxNews.com. “But we can’t close our eyes and say, ‘oh well, everything will work out,’ without us even looking at it.”Even environmentalists don’t believe that planet-wide accords are particularly popular.
    “I don’t think there is a global appetite right now for new institutions … or a world environmental organization like we have, say, with the World Trade Organization,” said Janet Redman, co-director of theSustainable Energy and Economy Networkat the progressive Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C.“There are a lot of places -- especially the oceans and food security -- where everyone is saying that doing this piecemeal is not going to address the bigger sense of these environmental issues.”But on the whole, she said, global government probably won’t work.
    “I think everyone agrees this is not the right time,” Redman told FoxNews.com.The State Dept. has already weighed in on many of the issues presented by the Foresight Panel in its own statement, titled “Sustainable Development for the Next Twenty Years United States Views on RIO+20.”Submitted to the U.N by the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OIES) in November, this policy vision makes it clear the State Dept. will back global government solutions -- whether they be in addressing the overfishing of the oceans, making national laws and regulations more transparent, addressing land and ocean-based pollution, or water management.
    The U.S. also is wholly supportive of strengthening the UNEP as “a body through which governments can cooperate to recommend environmental policies, promote best practices, and build national capacity for governance, monitoring and assessment,” according to the vision statement.Yet UNEP is unsuited for that, by the agency’s own admission.
    An internal U.N study obtained by Fox News last June found thatthe $450 million organization is an administrative mess, not knowing how its money is spent or how many public and private partners it might be working with at any given time.
    Questions about the ability of nations to work with global bodies such as the U.N, and whether they should subscribe to transnational guidelines or mandates, will no doubt be a subject of concern in the run-up to the Rio summit.
    Just as global governance solutions are raised in the report, so are local solutions that involve local governments, private industry and promoting individual and community shifts in the way people live and tend to the environment in their daily lives and workplaces.
    UN to propose planetary regulations of water, food | Fox News
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    They can propose all kinds of things, just like DC can.....but in the end, somebody Waaaaaay down at the local level is the one that has to attempt to enforce all this.....that somebody is the guy that has to go face to face with the guy that is trying to grow some food, or use some water out of his well, or whatever....and that local guy is the one that may well be in a life or death situation.....not the idiot way at the top that proposes this stupid crap.

    Remember that guy in Tunisia that set himself on fire because he simply wanted to sell produce and had enough of the govt weenies that kept harassing him ? That started the "Arab Spring".

    Remember the guys that dumped the tea in the harbor in 1773 ? They had also "had enough"....in fact, one of the charges against the king in the Declaration of Independence was "he hath erected a multitude of new offices and sent forth his officers to eat out of our til"....

    Those at the top would do well to remember we guys at the bottom will only take so much.
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    We land owners will just have to take care of the local globalists first, then go for the head of the snake a bit later........ [stirpot]
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    just let me know when the bullets start flying..
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    Not anything new. They have been at this for decades.

    Google 'Agenda 21' and 'Codex Alimentarius' (also known as the book of food)

    Guys and gals, they've been at this since 1963!

    Remember these folks are in this for the long haul and are willing to take generations to finally control us.
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    I can't say when the bullets should have started, but methinks it should have been awhile ago!
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    TNAndy, unfortunately the sheeple are already falling into line

    Agenda 21- Eco city

    Slippery slope my friends.

    I used to think that I'd like to emigrate to NZ someday. Not anymore. I guess the people there are sheep too. (I used to think it was only the sheep)
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    Maybe ya'll have noticed that this is one of my hot button issues.
    food / water = freedom

    without access to those you are just a slave.

    And trust me, if you are beholding to anyone for your food and water requirements. YOU will do anything and I mean anything!

    I'll be dead before that myself.
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    Well I aint no tough guy and I aint lookin for no trouble neither.
    BUT.....I will tell you this. Some jackass wants to come on my land I pay the king good tax money to stay on and proceed to tell me I cant water my horse, my chickens, my garden, or wash my f***in truck he aint goin away under his/her own power I will give you a 100% money back guarantee on that!!!

    UN jackwagons can kiss my red white and blue ass, those scumbag bastards!! You know what, I dont give a damned if some dope in the remote part of Africa doesnt have any water. Me pumping it out of my well or collecting it from the sky or even obtaining it from the river wont make a lick of difference to that same group of people without water. What? Are they going to send them over here to get it? Wouldnt they have to pass more obtainable water to get mine? And who thinks they deserve it more than my horse! You know what a horse does if there is no water where he is? He goes someplace else. Maybe I should send the horse over there to teach them how its done.
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    You know I try to leave people alone unless the job puts me there and then I give them the same respect and attidude I want from them. I try to live a simple life and have enough to get by and be left alone on my little spot of Gods green earth. Home is as far as a man can go, I be dam if I let some pie face politian tell me what to do with family land. The goverment and big business has poisined the land for years all in the pursuit for the almighty dollar. By doing so killing their food and water, that is their problem my food and water is fine. As for the UN they can kiss my Southern A$$ and they better bring alot of blue helments to get us out of these hollors. It wont be the first time our lands have been stained red with the blood of the enemy and those of us fighting for our land and homes.
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