Unalienable or Inalienable

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by RightHand, Dec 11, 2013.

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    Jefferson used "Inalienable" but John Adams' copy used "Unalienable." Most historical documents use unalienable but we most frequently quote inalienable. Just a little pebble in history's road
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    There actually seems to be a very subtle difference between the two words. Apparently, "Unalienable Rights" are those which cannot ever be taken or transferred, and are considered gifts of the creator; and "Inalienable Rights" are those which cannot be taken or transferred without the consent of the holder of those rights.

    Given that distinction, it would seem that "Unalienable" would have been the most correct word to have used, since the phrase "are endowed by their creator with certain" precedes the term in question.

    I can see the authors of that document burying their heads in their hands at the revelation that later generations would be debating the differences between those two words. :)
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    My Inalienable rights have been trampled upon.... and I am ready to wage havok upon those that have violated those rights............ for I am a free man of this world.. vs a conscript held to servitude, to a master that has deemed me, less than he...
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    Our rights are supposed to be unalienable, but history and experience has proven them to be more inalienable than not...

    I still interject either at times, but it's more due to forgetfulness and not due to my "supreme knowledge" of the topic at hand or subtle variance. I'm glad you brought this up, RightHand. Today, more than ever it is important to pay attention to the details.
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    I haven't yet finished my lengthy treatise on the subject but when I do, it may be available on Amazon! or not
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    Thread cleaned - will explain these links in another thread
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    The meanings of words and their origins are an interest of mine, you have my complete attention.;)
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