Unarming the Swedish people

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by wastelander, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. wastelander

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    Every ten years or so there is a "weapon-amnesty" in Sweden where people can bring their unregistered firearms to their local police station for destruction without facing charges.
    A sad development were law abiding citizens are unarmed and hundreds of years of history is destroyed.
    I collected some pictures from the net from these witchburnings as the weapon community here calls them, thought maybe someone here would be interested.

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    sad, nothing much .else to say
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    Destroying works of art, equivalent to burning books.
    book burning.
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  4. wastelander

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    Yes :( It's not like the criminals are gonna turn in their guns to the cops. It's just regular people, mostly old people or young ones that turn them in because they want to live by the law, they probably had it laying somewhere at home for protection in case something was to happen, or as a decoration. Alot of the assault-type weapons are from back 10-15 years when the home-defence still had their select fire G3-variant, called the AK-4, or their K-pist (SMG-variant) at home. Others were imported or inherited when we still had somewhat sensible laws, pre EU and UN interference.

    Now soon only the outlaws and the cops will be armed.

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    to be POSTED AT GATE. "I carry my grandfather's Guns and my father's guns......try and take 'em. (if you are reading this you are within my range) wave to show you understand." have a nice day.
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    a swedish-k, a valmet 71/s in 223 (that thing is worth 2.5kUSD), sten, luger, Oh the horror!
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    I kind of liked the revolver with the cylinder installed backward....
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    You caught that on the top of the pile, did ya?
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    There's also atleast one break barrel air-rifle and a Weirauch pistol in there somewhere. Just proves the point that it's not really gangsters who gave up their arms there.
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    This is nothing new. When living in Sweden from '87 -'93, the crime rate was rapidly increasing. The Gamle Sverige (old Sweden) is long gone. Much to my dismay, my #1 son still chooses to reside in that place. I fell in love with the northern part of Sweden (Darlana and up to Norrbotten) and could have spent the remainder of my days there, but it was not to be. Talking to my son, as well as keeping up the the latest propaganda, er, news, I can say that the Sweden of my memories is long gone. It really is a shame how far these once proud people have fallen. But then again, look as the United States. We are but a shadow of our once free country.
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