Uncensored Gordon Kahl Story - before Waco/Ruby Ridge

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    This happened before the "Randy Weaver" incident occurred.
    If you ever read the Rand Weaver story, you will definitely do not want to miss this!

    Also you can hear his wife tell the story on you tube below.

    This story unfolds from the late 1960s to early mid 1980s.
    The Uncensored Gordon Kahl Story


    The Uncensored Gord...
    Well it's tax time people...and for those of you who don't remember... or never heard the story...I tho...

    View on www.constitut...
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    Thank you for this post @Legion489. Pure evil.
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    Do you think you can trust your gov't? The short answer is: NO! or possibly: NO YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT! if you want the long answer.
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