Uncle Joe's reccommended defense weapon used in "Mass Shooting"

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    A shooter opened fire injuring four people before being brought down in a gun fight with Greenville Police.
    All four victims are at Vidant Medical Center. Their families have requested privacy and do not want their names released. The victims' conditions are unknown at this time.
    The Chief of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Ted Delbridge, says when the victims arrived at the hospital they were being treated aggressively by emergency management crews.
    "The emergency department started receiving patients shortly thereafter, a little bit before noon. In all we received four shooting patients. Each of them was cared for by a dedicated team of emergency physicians, nurses, and trauma surgeons, and initially were evaluated and treated in the emergency department," said Delbridge.
    I did talk to someone, off camera, about one of the victims shot at the law firm. They tell 9 On Your Side he is expected to be ok.
    The shooter is also at Vidant in police custody. His condition is also unknown, but we're told he's expected to survive.
    Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden told us the whole thing started at 11:41 a.m. at the Kellum Law Firm on Greenville Blvd.
    A shooter armed with a shotgun shot a man in a Geico car in the parking lot before crossing Greenville Blvd. and shooting three more people in the Walmart parking lot.
    A 9 On Your Side photographer found the first victim down when he arrived at the law firm parking lot.
    A short time later, emergency crews were dispatched to the side entrance of Wal-Mart near Hooker Road where three other shooting victims were found outside.
    Aden said both businesses are now crime scenes. One victim was shot at in the parking lot of the Kellum Law Firm and three were shot in the Greenville Wal-Mart's parking lot.
    A witness shared pictures with 9 On Your Side of GPD officers moving in on the suspect. The witness told 9 On Your Side police kept telling him to stay down & put his hands up. The witness added the suspect was still moving around and police were unable to get to him until they slowly moved in with the SUV and got him in custody.
    Aden said officers responded within mere minutes of the shooting calls. He added that their training in mass shootings, "likely prevented a larger crime scene with multiple, multiple victims."
    Dianna Gee with Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville, AR, said no one was shot inside the Wal-Mart. She confirmed the shootings took place in the parking lot of the retail giant. She added all associates at the Greenville store are safe and unharmed.
    Police diverted traffic from both Greenville Blvd and Hooker Road. All roads opened Friday evening.
    The motive in today's shooting is unknown.
    Greenville Police are working investigators from the NC State Bureau of Investigation to solve the crime.
    The Pitt County Sheriff's Office, the NC State Bureau of Investigation, the NC State Highway Patrol, NC Alcohol Law Enforcement also responded to the incident.
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    Great, now the anti's will try and ban shotguns too.
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