Uncle Sam and Ben ladin are walking down the beach....

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    Uncle Sam and Ben Ladin are walking down the beach discussing the war and one of them kick a rock. Out puffs a genie, the rock was a magic lamp! Genie say" I will give you One wish each!" Ben Ladin shouts ME FIRST! He is an infidel and unclean! Me first! Uncle Sam says "go right ahead." Ben Ladis says "Put a wall around Afghanistan, no one in no one out, total isolation!" PUFF! There is a wall! says the genie. "Tell me about this wall, I'm kinda an engineer at heart. " says Uncle Sam. Genie puffs up with pride...."It is 3 miles high, 1 mile thick, seamless, even radiation can not get through it. It is perfect!" Uncle Sam says "not yet. FILL IT WITH WATER."
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