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    Does anyone here have any experience with under water metal detectors. I have seen a few "you tubes" that show guys detecting the rivers and streams. anyone here ever do anything like that. just looking for some trustworthy reviews on detectors.
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    Are you talking about doving with one or using a terrestrial model with a head that can be submerged?
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    I think I would like to be able to go into deep slow rivers where people swim. or jump off bridges. submersible would be best. I dont have a detector to put a probe on or anything like that. these guys had little pin-pointers.
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    I have a Bounty Hunter and have used the head under water but it is not submersible

    Amazon has several that you can take the whole unit under water.

    Do you dive?

    If not good luck in trying to use this snorlking unless you can hold your breath for 2-4 minutes and you are good a getting "neutral boyant", finding a target, fanning sediment, letting it settle and trying to find any thing all with one breath.

    I am scuba certified since 1970 and had a dive /recovery service for local lakes here in AZ. Big stuff (watches and wallets, tool boxes) are easy to find.

    Rings and other jewlery depending on the length on time down and the amount of (rate) sedimentation are easy to find if freshly dropped. Longer than a week or two and algae and sediments start to cover.
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    I have used a variety of underwater metal detectors with varying degrees of success. White Electronics, Fisher, and Garrett seem to be the most common, I have a marked preference for th Garretts. They just seem to be a bit less problematic. I have also used side-scan sonar and magnetometers, and boat-towed metal detectors.. Will be glad to answer any questions.
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    Minelab has a few that are pretty highly thought of , Excaliber , CTXs . I have about 7 detectors , altho none are completely submersible . A good Detecting forum to check out to ask and get some good info from actual users would be , Friendly Metal Detecting Forum .
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    Check out Whites Electronics for Detecting gear that might work for under water! I don't know if they have any thing or not, but they have the best detectors you can buy!
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    Ura-Ki is correct in his statement about Whites Detectors . As far as I know , Whites sells and stands behind some of the most durable detectors . They've recently come out with a new one they cal the MX Sport . They seem to be having some warranty issues with these detectors , which I think they have suspended sales until they can get some bugs worked out . I think this one and a few others are submersible only to about 10 feet , make sure you check on this for what you need for your uses .
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    @Seacowboys, I was given a vibra-probe 580 the other day. its submersible but I don't know how great they are. I assume I still need some form of broad detection as this guy is tiny and would take all day to scan an area. what is your favorite detector for underwater that a novice can operate and afford?

    @AD1 I am certified but it has been 10 years since my last dive. I'm looking into a refresher course with the local shop here so I can remember whats what. I don't plan to go deep as of yet but the visibility is limited in the swimming holes. Also it would be my first diving experience in a real moving water of any kind so there is that.
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    Just be very careful in moving water. You can be sweeped into under "snags" and never be found. Depending on the current and the bottom topography and debris, you could be making your first and last dive in 10 years.

    Again depending on the conditions, I would not attempt without a crew, comms systems, tether, crew and safety diver.

    The pin pointer is not what you want to hunt with. After you get a hit with a coil, and narrow down the area, then the pin pointer comes out. The is a video on the one I have for above ground. Same thing for yours. Watch how close you have to be to get a hit.
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    My favorite place to hunt is beneath waterfalls where people dive from them and around boat launch ramps. Shiloh National Park on the Tennessee River was a favorite too.
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    Launch ramps, and boat docks.

    I made most of my money at the local lakes from folks dropping shit when getting on a boat.

    If I did not get a call for a urgent dive, about once every 2 weeks I would dive the marina store and fuel docks.
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    I've been a PADI diver since 1978. I dive still, but only to metal detect. I use a simple rig - its a Tesoro Sand Shark. Lots of good stuff to be had, but as I age, its seems that time slips away, and every hour spent underwater becomes tedious now. Is the thrill wearing off after almost 40 years? Maybe.

    Here's a pic for you, Gator:

    A little silver and turquoise I found in a local swimming hole.
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