UnderBarrel shotgun: the M26

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by GrandpaDave, Jan 8, 2012.

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    Now here's something Kool...
    Tactical-Life.com » US Army’s M26 Mass 12 Gauge

    I like it... Maybe I can figure a way to mount a Mossy 500 that way???
    you might ask why.. isnt that over kill.. my answer is yeah it is... it's a Marine thing
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    You beat me to it.
    They built one out of a Saiga-12.It was one of the few times I've seen the show(no cable or sat.at home).
    I had thoughts of building one when I still had the pair of Saiga rifles(.308,30.06).
    To build one legal without a tax stamp becouse of being an SBS,would have been a real PITA.
    You need to deal with not only barrel length,but overall length to be legal as a Joe blow off the street.
    As far as building one as DIY project,it wouldnt be hard.
    The parts needed can be obtained easy,and cheap off the web,and a drill or dremel would be the only power tool needed.
    Added to a rifle it would be heavy as hell though.The tactical advantage for breaching doors,or use in close quarters would out weigh the extra weight IMHO.
    The hard part would be to make both shoot in tandem.Then you could mount a pair of Saiga-12's together and have a double barrel semi auto shotgun.With Saiga's you could also build a double rifle combo.Think of a pair of 30.06 rifle's mated and sync'd together.
    I know it's a rambo bubba fantasy like my avatar,but it would add a major cool factor,and be devastating to your target.
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    Reminds me of the Semi-Auto/Pump, .308 Rifle/12 Ga.Shotgun Clip Feed, Over/Under Weapon that was manufactured in Georgia a few years back... Can't remember the name, but I had 4 on order, but they never got into production. Nice look'en Prototypes, however. I would buy one today in a heartbeat.... ...... YMMV....
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    You mean like this one:
    Or this one:
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    I know the one you are thinking about.


    It's the Crossfire Mk1 . Boy am I glad I don't have the money for this one or the food preps might suffer.

  7. BTPost

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    Yep, That was the one.... CrossFire ... Sure wish they had gone into production... Would LOVE to have one, in the Weapons Locker... ..... They were less than $1kUS, back then...

    I see the one you posted is .223 rather than .308, and this one is a Pump Action Only, where the one I remember was Pump Action to load the the First Round into each Chamber, then Semi-Auto, after that, till the Magazines go dry......
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    Nice thing is oddities like these serve to spark greater creativity...
    Yeah I'd like to have a set up like the M26... mostly for the coolness factor... but another couple years maybe we'll see a 12 version of the judge with underbarrel mounts??? who knows with someone migh come up with?
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    Duct Tape makes anything possible!
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