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    stumbled upon this today, following the ed and elaine brown story... also google nh underground.
    keep your [sawgunner]powder dry...
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    I was wondering what happened to that guy.
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    In my best mexican voice: "You eediots"
    From Rense

    [SIZE=+4]'There Are Cracks in Everything'
    [/SIZE][SIZE=+2]That's how the light gets in [/SIZE]
    By Jim Kirwan
    6-12-7[/SIZE] <dl><dt>[SIZE=+1]Every nation has a set of myths by which its people live and die; the USA is no exception. We just finished Memorial Day and soon we'll be approaching the tortured-celebrations of July 4th. Both these national spotlights involve public mythologies that have guided this nation for decades; yet the events that these holidays are meant to commemorate are no longer even remotely questioned. War is cheap for most Americans, because the lesser people among us fight our wars * not us! [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]We are approaching the seventh year of national denial and treachery. US foreign policy is in shambles, as is the enforcement of national and international laws that we supposedly abide by. At home we have become the mirror opposite of who and what we say we are: just look at the survivors of New Orleans, at the homeless, at the unemployed and at the sick as well as the disillusioned that roam this land like the living dead that they are fast becoming. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]The government has used the spineless public to turn each agency of this government into its own mirror opposite. EPA is in charge of destroying the environment-not saving it. FDA spreads disease and contamination through the food and water supply, instead of protecting it - while it's supposed task of monitoring the world of legal drugs has been sold to those same companies that they were created to monitor and oversee. It's the same throughout the government in every federal agency beginning with the so-called Department of Justice that writes laws to licensee torture while justifying the suppression of Habeas Corpus: making a total farce out of anything remotely resembling Justice. However since the Supreme Court violated its duty to protect and defend the Constitution when they appointed George W. Bush-it could be said that 'Justice' was just following the example of nation's Supreme Court. Congress eagerly also joined in the bloodless coup when they illegally gave away their constitutional powers of legislative oversight and financial control over the executive-to that same executive they were charged with guarding the public against. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]If we dissolved congress, because they no longer represent the public, and the Supreme Court because they violated the Constitution that they are charged with protecting-we could officially declare ourselves to be the dictatorship that we have become. At least then we could eliminate all the confusion among the legalities and the actual powers themselves that have become so distorted under a congress that no longer functions and a court system that supports our enemies.[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]The truth is we are no longer a Republic. The United States of America has been taken over by the corporations and by their insatiable greed for profits. The American public opted out of that discussion and has begun their own private descent into the horrors of wage-slavery that will end when the sharks run out of companies to buy or other nations to suppress: If you doubt this, just look at the maps for all those places we have selected for 'Regime Change.' It's a long list and every one of those targeted nations has major deposits of oil. In Iraq alone there is $21 Trillion worth of oil under their sand-and we've promised the oil companies that we're not leaving without it. When our political puppets made that promise, most likely in those secret meetings that Cheney held in his offices back in January of 2001 while creating America's energy polices: From that day, this nation has become an Outlaw Regime, and in the interim we have finally become the leading Rogue-State in the world today. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]This all happened because too few questioned those myths by which we have lived. Our national history is a lie: because the truth and all its attendant crimes have been suppressed. We did not bring Democracy & Freedom to the more than 50 nations that we overthrew: we brought them tyranny, corruption, chaos and murder-but we brought them these "gifts" in the guise of Freedom & Democracy. So many nations contain the horror-stories of invasions by the United States, and the dark memories that we left them with, long after our appetites for their natural resources were used up or forcibly removed. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]We have the world's largest nuclear arsenal, the same with Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction, and we now have one of the most unbalanced leaders that the world has ever seen. We and Israel, our barbaric and principal partner in these crimes, have become the major threat to world peace and stability. Yet it is we who continue to call for 'Regime-Change' in country after country: We who continue to threaten and invade other nations. It is we who continue to defy the United Nations and the global community of nations. We do this in the name of promoting 'universal peace and democracy,' and the only ones who believe that lie are those who spread it. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]The myth is and was that we are 'fighting to protect America and Americans around the world.' The fact is we are using mercenary forces in conjunction with the US military and taxpayer dollars to suppress liberty and freedom in the name of corporate theft and greed the world over. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]If the USA still had a draft we could not have done these crimes because the public would naturally have wanted to know the exact reasons for putting their loved ones in harm's way. But since ending the draft was necessary to being able to stop the Vietnam War-a war that threatened to destroy the US military from within-we no longer have that safeguard to protect the world from our national arrogance and greed. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]All of this fit nicely within that plan for the inside job that was the crime of 911. That was a major crime that we allowed this government to immediately brand, within 33 minutes after the explosions, as an attack by a hostile power without even considering any other possibility: Yet even as the evidence was being assembled and hauled away to finish off the cover-up, the United States was launching our first attacks on Afghanistan, and the rest is 'history.' [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]In all that time amid all the blood that we have spilled including about 3500 of our own uniformed troops, not to mention the draining of the treasury, or the looting of the entire federal system of checks & balances along with the Bill of Rights: The Decider continued to promise us that he has "changed course," yet he has continued to "Stay-the-Course" right up to this moment. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]If we had representatives inside the government we could have stopped this, but our "protectors" are the same "lawmakers" that stood by while the Decider and his Outlaws stripped the public of our basic protections from our own government: which was the whole point behind the US Constitution in the first place. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]That's where we've been going during these New Dark Ages of the Old World Order under 'The Decider.' What is fast approaching is a widening and possibly irreversible 'next step.' This was announced yesterday by Senator Joseph Lieberman, a self-declared Independent who in reality speaks for Dick Cheney in this case. Lieberman said that 'we must threaten Iran with air strikes and military reprisals for training Iraqi's and for supplying weapons that are killing Americans in Iraq.' Apparently the Senator is unaware that: "IRAN has threatened to launch a missile blitz against the Gulf states and plunge the entire Middle East into war if America attacks its nuclear facilities.[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Admiral Ali Shamkhani, a senior defense adviser to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned that Gulf States providing the US with military cooperation would be the key targets of a barrage of ballistic missiles.[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Shamkhani told the US journal Defense News that missiles would be launched not only at US military bases but also at strategic targets such as oil refineries and power stations." (1) [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Since 911the US flag has played a crucial role for the American public in this entire obscene saga. That flag of three colors once represented the people of this Republic along with their courage and the honor of its citizens. Yet the way that flag is now being used by the White House * it should be changed from its vibrant colors to the simplicity of black & white. We have become two dimensional uncritical cowards, human robots in a world that blindly follows self-appointed fools that dictate from beyond the laws and from beyond the boundaries of all that's needed to live with others, in a world where justice and prosperity can flourish equally. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]America no longer builds or seeks to compete in a world-marketplace where creativity or freedom can be tolerated. We no longer compete for success-today we simply kill or steal it. Our citizens have become sheep that shall soon become even less, because too many have refused to fight those that have truly come to kill us. The enemy we need to fear is here, and the threat to all Americans increases daily. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Too many of us have given up on the great dreams, and instead chose by default to embrace only "math science & money." There is no music, no art, critical-thinking is no longer taught or encouraged anywhere. The language along with individual personal courage and honor, have been butchered: Our youth are taught to follow orders, schooled in 'how to fit in,' and are encouraged to become a number instead of a person. The results of this sad state are everywhere around us: Look at our prisons, look at our non-existent medical care, at the state of the compact that gives our silent partners (the State) permission to steal what we must work for, just to live each and every day. Black & White and prison gray is what we've earned, and if we do not begin that struggle soon * then that fate is all that most of us will ever come to know. Ron Paul has some suggestions that can be thought about. (2) [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Gore Vidal also comments on the sorry state of this once proud nation. (3) [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Challenge the US myth of invincibility by questioning the true history of this nation; so that when the Fourth of July rolls round again, you will at least know about the actual state of this nation. Then ask if you dare: is this what I really want to give those that will come after us. [/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]kirwan[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>
    </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]1) Iran Threatens Gulf Blitz[/SIZE] </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/article1909896.ece[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]1a) Military Plan Against Iran is Ready[/SIZE] </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=118122858870
    </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]1b) Pace Axed Because He Opposed Nuking Iran?[/SIZE] </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]http://www.rense.com/general76/pace.htm[/SIZE] </dt><dt>
    </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]2. Enjoy the music * video[/SIZE] </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=105429[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]3) Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis * What Should Be Done[/SIZE] </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article17828.htm[/SIZE] </dt></dl>
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