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    A good read on understanding the Intelligence building cycle. The questions you need to ask yourself as you read this are:

    1) How can an enemy use this process against me?

    2) How can I use this process against an enemy?

    3) How would I need to modify the process to make it a useful tool in my unit's current configuration?


    "The enemy has a reserve which can be used to counterattack into either Objective BOB or Objective JOHN. The initial CCIR was "Where will the enemy counterattack with his reserve?". During your IPB you might identify the details about that reserve (it's the 1-23 Tank Battalion, etc), but you won't know WHERE it will attack until it actually starts to move. During the wargame the staff realizes that the effect of this enemy action is significant enough that it will require the commander to make a decision on the use of attack helicopters. This becomes a Decision Point, and the CCIR is transformed into the more specific PIR: "Will the 1-23 Tank Battalion counterattack into Objective BOB or JOHN (between 0830 and 1330 hours)?" Note that in order to qualify as a PIR you need three items: 1) A Single Question concerning an enemy status; 2) A link to a Decision Point (High Payoff Targets are just specialized Decision Points); 3) A specific time interval that the Question is related to the Decision."


    To focus
    Which drives
    Which produces
    DPs and HPTs
    Each requiring
    Which become essential tasks for
    Collectors and Analysts



    CCIR= Commander's Critical Information Requirements
    CUB= Common Understanding of the Battlefield
    PIR= Priority Intelligence Requirements
    FFIR= Friendly Force Information Requirements
    EEFI= Essential Elements of Friendly Information
    HPT= High Payoff Target
    HVT= High Value Target
    IPB= Intelligence Prep of the Battlefield
    DP= Decision Point
    IR= Intelligence Requirements
    BDA= Battle Damage Assessment

    (H/T Neil Garra & S2Company)

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