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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by deMolay, Jan 19, 2019.

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    I don't really see the need for the super hot ammo.
    Just buy a bigger gun.
    But I have considered loading something like a 85 or 90gr bullet normally found in 380acp rounds into a standard 9x19mm round. But nothing overly hot.
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    Only problem I see with .380 bullets in a 9mm is that if they are designed properly to expand at .380 velocities, they may not work well at 9mm velocities, it would be interesting to see a test in gel though.
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  5. Lone Gunman

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    In Europe Underwood has been a regular ammo supplier to NATO forces and other military organizations for many years. Their products are well respected, always hotter than most, frequently used in full automatic weapons; and, quite frankly, I've always had more confidence in Underwood 9 x 19mm ammo than in most other brands. I like Underwood's 'hot nines'; and I have found they are easier to shoot straight than, say, 357 Magnum. (Personally, I wouldn't use +P(+) 9's in any alloy frame pistol or, for the matter, in a modern Walther semiautomatic.)

    Neither would I subject any 9mm pistol to a steady diet of Underwood Ammo. Use Underwood for carry and infrequent practice with, say, 50 to 100 rounds every few months. Then, use WalMart's crap ammo the rest of the time for routine range practice.

    You'll be fine; and you'll 'keep your eye' too. (It's nothing more than an internet gun forum myth that a (competent) pistol shooter has to practice with the ammo he carries in order to stay 'on target'; and, for the record, I've got more than several hundred thousands pistol rounds downrange and well over a quarter century of practical experience with handguns to support these opinions.)
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  6. deMolay

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    I was thinking of a box of the 9mm Luger +p+ penetrator for the wifes 9mm Sig. She is a long time shooter and can handle the recoil without whining. Kinda like their ballistics. I see they also have .380. She carries either the S&W ..380 or the Sig.
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  7. Oddcaliber

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    They have plenty of flavors but holy guacamole Batman that stuff is pricey!
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  8. deMolay

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    Yah would not be an every day shooter deal. Just was thinking of buying a box for the wifes 9mm Sig. for her every day carry. Or maybe her .380 S&W. I think I need to research the S&W first tho if it would cause problems or not. Just her personal defense weapons. The ballistics for the .357 and the 45LC look pretty good too. But pricey.
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  9. Ura-Ki

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    Over priced for what they are, do! Remington Golden Sabers are my standardized carry round (except 10mm) and their easier to get amd less expensive, especially handloaded! I have been pushing them pretty hard in both 10 mm and .45, they seem to like being driven hard, so thats what they get! I also get the 124gr 9mm factory loads for the 9s so i have the performance i require! I did shoot a few boxes of .40 S&W, and while still not 10mm worthy, they did pretty good! Honestly, i see them mostly as a spendy gimick reather then a viable duty round, especially with other manufactures making better performing ammo now days!
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  10. deMolay

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    K Thanks.
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  11. oil pan 4

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    If the 90gr bullets expand ok at 380acp velocity from a 3 or 4 inch barrel then they should expand really good sitting atop a 9x19 load after riding down a 5 inch barrel.
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  12. Mountainman

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    I use Underwood 90 grain penetrator in my Glock 42 (380) because I want adequate penetration, which hollow points in that caliber are not known for. In water jug penetration testing using the standard velocity 90 grain @ 1100 fps I got 30" and with the defender +P 65 grain @ 1400 I got 18".

    By looking how the 380 performs I would say that you do not need the +P+ 9mm for 2 reasons, to much penetration and excessive recoil that is not needed. My advice is if you want the penetrator don't go past +P and if you really want the +P+ go with the defender bullet.
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  13. oil pan 4

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    Thats one of the reasons I wanted light 380 bullets. I could do a mag dump and pretty much stay on target.
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  14. Mountainman

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    They are solid copper bullets that don't expand. The bullet design uses fluid transfer to create a permanent wound cavity.

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  15. deMolay

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    That is impressive, wonder if my ruger lcp 380 would be ok, the wifes S&W 380 would probably be ok.
  16. deMolay

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    Hydraulic pressure.
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  17. Mountainman

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    I also have a Ruger LCP II and use the 65 grain +P defender in it, stout recoil that actually hurts your hand before 20 rounds (I use 10 round ProMags). Recoil is more back then up so your hand takes a beating. Both guns will be okay but I would not use the +P+ in either.
  18. deMolay

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    Probably right, reason I am asking. I reload some and am very aware of what a few extra grains of powder can do. If we were talking stoutly built revolvers I would not be too concerned with any commercial ammo. But these small pocket pistols I am wary especially would not want to do anything that could endanger my wife. Doubt they would be a problem with over pressure in the chamber, but with some alloys and polymers I am concerned with the action being an issue. Thanks
  19. Mountainman

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    Glad you mentioned this because I forgot to say that Underwood recommends changing the recoil spring on the LCP to 13 pounds if you are going to use their +P ammo. Did with mine and it works fine. Would also be a good idea to put a stronger spring in your wife's pistol using +P 9mm.

    https://www.gunsprings.com/RUGER/LCP, LCP II .380/cID1/mID52/dID422
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  20. Dunerunner

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    Glad to see the discussion back to an evaluation of the ammunition and it's value as a SD cartridge. I reload my 9MM on the hot side and find it improves my confidence in it for winter carry. Because I reload, practicing with the hotter round isn't an issue.
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