Undocumented Illegal Workers

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    Call them whatever you want, illegal aliens, undocumented immigrants, wet-backs, it's just semantics designed to keep the barriers up. I have been giving this some thought and have tried to turn it around and look at the other side to see for myself where the line actually is rather than where the corporate media points or where the right-winged patriots point. As with most things, the correct answer is somewhere between or maybe down a different path altogether. We can find hundreds of posts here, that lament the costs to our nation of these undocumented people. I rarely see one that mentions the other side. Compare it to firearms related media, how one-sided it all is, but we still have many of us that seek out articles about how someone saved lives or thwarted a heinous crime with a firearm; never seen a single instance of anything that compares when talking about wetbacks and I'll just bet that there are many more instances of "saving a child" than there are of MS13 or Muslim terrorists. It appears to me, that these people have become a replacement nigger, in our society. We built these massive social programs that have essentially allowed a significant portion of our "citizens" to subsist free from the encumbrance of having to work and pay taxes, blamed it on a poorer standard of education when it became apparent that getting an education is work too and if we don't have to work for food, clothing or shelter, why should we work to learn? So to solve this problem, we just standardized, lowered the grade curve to a level where there was "Equality" (a big one in most flag-waving media). What this did, was to ad bricks to the wall, so we covered the wall in graffiti-laws and created "political correctness" because you can't actually solve a problem by addressing the problem when so may elected officials have to answer to a loud, angry and voting segment of society that can't read their diploma, have never worked or paid taxes, and demands equality. I truly believe this is all just a distraction from the real agenda and I do not believe it is of nefarious intent, albeit fraught with nefarious practices. Most of us that work for others are threatened by a lower standard of living, most of us that subsist on social programs, even the ones we paid for, are threatened by the knowledge that it cannot sustain, most of us that have parents or family members that get benefits from social programs or entitlements, know this cannot sustain much longer. Who will take care of these extra mouths to feed? Not much we can do about those that got the snowball rolling, it's way too big and has too much momentum now to ever stop, until it crashes into a wall.
    We are at the stage where wet-backs are the new niggers. We refuse to view them as equals, our rights are superior due to a geographic lottery. Those of us that flock to guard our borders will go down in history as the new Ku Klux Klan.
    Our country began as a Democratic Republic, but once a large enough segment realized that they could vote themselves bread and circuses, we actually became a DEMOCRACY, like it or not. And this happened, not by Congress, but by creating a broad enough number of socially dependent Voters, This happened by lowering our standards in education, in the name of "Equality". This happened by lowering the standards of our democratic process to allow an equal say by those that only consume with those that provide. Once the Genie is out of the bottle...
    Now take a moment to look at the real agenda. For decades, Corporate America has been moving their factories to foreign countries to take advantage of lower labor costs, and less regulations and taxes. If they can make it cheaper, then they make more money. It costs billions of dollars to build a factory, even in Mexico or India, but they'll make it back in savings. But if we can bring the cheaper labor here and use our factories, it will save us the costs of relocating. Who's going to complain? The over-paid American workers? Why should they complain? Why do they think they are "Entitled" to the standard of living created by the industrial boom in the wake of a global war by their fathers? Reality is that we have been incrementally lowered in our standard of living with each decimal of inflation, with every new tax, with every new "Law". Why would those that do not work or contribute worry? Because they know that there is only so much to go around and their standard is threatened by each new mouth to feed. The Corporate answer? "Let them eat Twinkies" (sic: now made in Mexico). Simply stated, we need cheap labor to produce cheap junk and keep the garbage recycling. We need a low class to feed the upper class and this middle class thing has to go, we can't afford it. Lower the standard of living for all but a few to a level of "Equality". Who can argue with "Equality"? Isn't that what our nation was founded upon? We need cannon fodder, we need cheaper bombs and missiles, we need bigger warships, more surveillance, all this has to happen to replace the "everyone has to have one of everything" economic policy that chased WW ll into the next several generations of American "Workers". If all we have to do to make this work, is to destroy the American Middle-class, then where's the problem? Why do we have to accept that anyone is "Entitled" to a standard of living, temporary at best, just by being born in a specific geographic location?
    I am the most avid hunter of the rare and endangered native South Alabama Pachyderm. My walls are covered with expensive rifles I have acquired to kill this beast. I have special, very expensive boots to protect me from snakes and elements while tracking this beast through the swamps and bayous. I have vehicles and boats dedicated to the pursuit of this noble beast and plan many elaborate safaris into the farthest reaches of lower Alabama in search of this elusive creature. I see pictures of them adorned on all sorts of posters, vehicle antennae, bumper-stickers...but have never actually encountered a living elephant in Alabama, so I know they are very rare but this does not abate my passionate pursuit of them! Is this any more ridiculous than fighting the wrong enemy? How can we possibly prevail when we expend all our energies chasing an enemy that is imaginary, created solely to distract us from the real agenda?
    We all know and recognize, that this system is imploding, but what Corporate America realizes and we, the middle, do not, is what it will be rebuilt into. Maybe it's time we stop looking at the damage already done and look at what's ahead?
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    Diversity of living standard might be more important than a mixing bowl of the sort envisioned when the door to immigration was opened. At the very least, such diversity avoids the downside of progression into two classes of citizenship to which we progress apace.
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    You don't 'em. Because we seldom speak of the elephant in the parlor. They hide well in plain sight, and kill all who ever spot one. They are hideously dangerous, and nine yet have survived their wrath. Beware, and speak not of the pachyderm in the parlor.

    As for illegals, they are nothing more than shoplifters. And everything they take raises prices for all who stand in line at checkout counters.
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    Press one for English and expand on that, Ghrit. I think that progression is just another bit of debris for the snowball to pick up on it's way to the wall. My theory is that, while we scramble to plug leaks, those at the top have already abandoned ship for a new one they had built in secrecy in the background. The biggest problem with the new ship are the accomodations: luxury staterooms at the top and a cargo hold; me, you, and all the rest of the niggers are cargo,
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    Precisely my point. A melting pot or mixing bowl we ain't any longer (if ever in reality.) The more this all sits unstirred, the more it stratifies like a poorly mixed salad dressing, and only two strata will remain. It WILL be stirred at some point, methinks.
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