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    Very interesting take on this issue. One I had never considered.
    This is from Alan Korwin's newsletter "Page Nine". If you don't subscribe to it you really should, it always has great analysis of 2nd amendment issues.


    1- The Amnesty Surprise
    The lamestream media told you:
    The lamestream media told you:

    Congress is sure it will find a way to turn the 11 million undocumented migrants into citizens. The Senate has already passed a bill. The House is working on a compromise version. Senator McCain has worked out a solution with a Gang of Eight and is confident he can make it happen. There are even "dreamers" who believe they can find a way to solve the problem for everyone and share the dream with everybody. Republicans hate the idea and figure these people will all vote with the democrats.

    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

    When 11 Million Illegals Become Legal They Become 11 Million Potential New Gun Buyers

    An unexpected consequence is about to hit the gun-rights fan in America.

    Democrats -- and republicans too -- have failed to recognize the fact that when "11 million undocumented migrants" eventually gain citizenship through so-called comprehensive immigration reform, they simultaneously lose their status as prohibited gun possessors under federal law 18 USC §922g. They become an 11-million-person demographic base for new gun ownership -- and membership in the NRA.

    Illegal aliens are banned from Second Amendment rights. Citizens are not.

    When Minutemen brought the illegal-alien problem to our attention on Arizona's border in 2004, we were led to believe their numbers exceeded 20 million. The 20 million somehow became 11 million as fluidly as the “news” media changed watermelon juice (what Trayvon Martin bought one fateful night last year) into "ice tea," a politically correct beverage that had nothing to do with that case. The media plays fast and furiously loose with facts. But I digress.

    Whatever the actual number, they were members of a class, one of nine groups of federally prohibited possessors, banned by that law from owning or using firearms. Illegal aliens are the largest single class of people banned from exercising the Second Amendment right to arms, with mental cases and convicted felons in second and third place (see chart).


    These people are -- at least at this moment -- aliens to the idea of the freedom of firearms ownership. They are used to being treated as virtual slaves in their home countries, where only brutal government thugs and drug lords have guns. And they hate that with a passion.

    Living here, even in the shadows, they have the protection of some of the Bill of Rights -- no cruel and unusual punishment, the right to judicial process, but no Second Amendment.

    The Second Amendment embodies one of the greatest freedoms ever devised on Earth.
    It is embraced by only one political party and shunned by the other, generally speaking.
    Votes in defense of those rights fall almost exclusively right, down party lines, and the
    party promoting amnesty, the democrats, are staunchly left against this fundamental freedom.

    Suddenly former illegals will find themselves able to own guns just like free men and women, as many of their Latino brothers and sisters here currently do. With a little bit of nurturing some of them will find this curiously appealing, and that should be tastefully encouraged, if the best interests of liberty are important. The NRA and every gun-rights group is going to need entire Spanish-speaking divisions. The free market is going to figure this out lickety split once word gets around.

    As hard as the left may try to defeat this (and they will), there are gun stores and ranges on street corners all across America, including the barrios, and these will no longer be prohibited places. The "no-negroes-at-the-lunch-counter" mentality will fade out in a heartbeat. Spanish-language signs will spring up everywhere, as a huge new shopping bloc suddenly enters the marketplace. If you think the Obama sales burst was big, this will be off the Richter scale.

    English-speaking Congress will understand the gun-rights change right away,
    and it can put republicans in a driver's seat they don't know exists yet.
    Be that as it may, English-speaking Congress will understand this right away, and it can put republicans in a driver's seat they don't know exists yet. And it's a genie they can't put back in the bottle. The political left will have conniptions, as freedom to keep and bear arms fouls the left's plans for a victimhood coalition it is salivating over. It's more complex than that of course, and no one can fully predict the outcome, but the battle for hearts and minds is game on.

    Basking in a new light of freedom, as newly freed citizens, these proud new Americans -- at least some percentage of them -- will want to keep and bear arms and experience the freedoms Americans have enjoyed since our Founders established the freest nation the Earth has ever seen. This will be profound.

    Gun ownership brings us together, it is a unifying force.

    How great will that percentage be? That depends on many things, including the gun-owning public that welcomes them aboard. Out here where I live in The American Southwest, Hispanics share the ranges daily in sweet harmony with everyone else. Gun ownership brings us together, it is a unifying force. We don't exactly sing Kumbaya on the range (with hearing protectors on) but we don't shoot each other either. We're more likely to share guns and ammo like all marksmen do when they're out practicing. It's a sport, and fun, and camaraderie, something hoplophobes can't begin to understand.

    Although the left is inwardly dancing over the prospect of a new voting bloc of victims, a permanent majority to be led by the onerous Jackson-Sharptons and the takings coalitions, some on the right already believe it would be prudent to undermine this and promote instead the wholesome values America holds dear and that have made the country great -- starting immediately.

    Minorities are neither monolithic nor led by the same self-deprecating talking heads, and this new huddled mass yearning to be free represents fresh horizons. Gun-rights groups at the national, state and local level would be wise to begin developing plans without delay.

    Will the physical artifacts of freedom -- guns in hand -- hold sway over the incoming masses? Newcomers at shooting ranges have universal reactions -- they smile and ask for more ammo, we've all seen it. Gun culture is not unknown south of the border. Steel-silhouette target shooting, one of the most demanding and thrilling sports, actually has Mexican roots, and siluetas metalicas competition uses Spanish commands: Listo! (ready) Fuego! (fire) Alto! (cease fire). The freedom of gun ownership is a powerful force.

    Recognizing this as a threat to their hoped-for hegemony, the left may be inclined to shift and propose a limited amnesty, withholding gun rights for (canard alert!) the safety of the children and the community -- can't have those nasty guns, and especially black "assault weapons" falling into the hands of untrained multitudes. (They will continue to ignore the fact that assault is a type of behavior and not a kind of hardware.) The left will be faced with a trap that is a dreaded Dred Scott solution, and this is not without precedent.

    The ACLU has been seeking ways to reinstate voting rights, and only voting rights, for felons, most of them black, seeing a huge voting advantage at the end of that rainbow. But if a person isn't sufficiently whole to have all rights restored, can they be trusted with the vote?

    If they're not safe enough as former felons (or illegals) to be entrusted with firearms, can they really be trusted with the more powerful vote on the very direction of the entire nation? Should amnesty follow a similar model from back in 1783, and treat these people as three-fifths of a person? Talk about a rock and a hard place. Can the dems dare label them residents and not citizens, and still figure they can vote?

    We should promote market-based marksmanship training for the new citizens.

    All the more reason to propose broadband training for the new citizens -- or even all citizens -- why discriminate? The left has nefariously succeeded in replacing gun-safety training and marksmanship in schools with toaster-cake intolerance. Surely you heard about the small child in Maryland suspended for biting his Pop Tart into what some school "official" thought looked gunlike.

    When children are punished for thought crimes -- about the only constitutionally protected property in the entire Constitution -- something must be done, educationwise. What an opportunity this provides to suggest a fundamental transformation to the bizarre direction the nation has recently taken.

    Amnesty Americans should embrace the Bill of Rights and its Second Amendment in an educated way, and who better to lead that educational effort than the nation's vast deeply observant gun-rights-and-liberty community. http://www.trainmeaz.com

    The NRA and similar groups are uniquely positioned to welcome tens of millions of new members when Congress (America?) inevitably accepts currently illegal aliens in some form or another, and these thirty million people currently living here -- we have to sign the bill to find out exactly how many -- somehow make the freest nation on the planet their legal home.

    Even if the solution is (a) to make them leave and somehow come back through a new immigration program that really works (possibly the most abrasive proposal so far) or (b) simple stroke-of-the-pen "amnesty" (the least politically viable so far), believe it, something will give. Whatever Congress eventually decides upon, the loss of prohibited-gun-possessor status, and expansion of the Second Amendment right to arms for millions is a step forward for freedom, and that's a good thing.

    Republicans, who thought democrats had the amnesty/immigration thing all sewn up, will find that the gun-rights issue gives them an unexpected bargaining chip. It just does. Democrats can't support gun rights without alienating their base. Anyone who cares about their right to keep and bear arms -- especially their newly acquired right -- will find that the donkey party stands in opposition to this fundamental freedom. And the only champions of this precious right that sets free people apart from slaves are not the people pushing amnesty with dependency, big government, welfare and food stamps.

    Proud people yearning to be free have a lot of thinking to do. They walked across miles and miles of blazing snake-infested desert seeking freedom to get here.

    You can't arm slaves and expect them to remain slaves.

    Permission to circulate granted.
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    Something work pondering and an aspect of the illegal alien problem that had not occurred to me...
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    Nor to me. Being the old cynic that I am, the illegals can already get arms illegally. The legal immigrant being able to legally buy and own is the distinction, possibly without significant difference.
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