United Meth. Calls For Gun Ban

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    Link to their directory

    "The United Methodist Church considers it a priority public health issue to prevent firearm-related death and injury. In its resolution on 'Gun Violence,' the denomination calls for social policies and personal lifestyles that bring an end to senseless gun violence, including a ban on all handguns.…"
    "Equal to our sadness at this tragic loss of life is our disappointment at Congress’ inability to place public safety above the interests of the National Rifle Assn. Our society can no longer afford to allow the power of the gun lobby in its efforts to ensure ownership without responsibility to keep Congress mute on this pressing
    Portion of their statement

    Bro. Christie, I was saved in a Methodist Church, grew up in one, married a Methodist girl, taught SS, lay/charge delegate, lay speaker. The church started backing abortion/gays in the pulpit and we left along with about 1/3 of the population of the nation’s churches. The exec (Winkler) has done it again and many will leave because of his statement on gun control. Am retired now but still hunt, shoot competitively, and have many firearms. Our constitution has the 2ond in it for a very important reason. Thomas Jefferson put it plainly in several letters/quotes. In the end we may be called upon to defend our country against all enemies—foreign and domestic. You cannot do this with a 22 and a shotgun. Our government knows this and wants to eventually eliminate all citizens owning the means to protect themselves---thereby making us subjects/slaves. Please show this to Winkler or at least express how many feel across the US about his statement. Would write him but am sure it would go into the trash long before it got to his attention. Open minds/Open doors/Open hearts works both ways sir and hope he retracts. At conference I am sure he will get an earful but that is a long time away. Thank you very much, ----------
    Portion of my letter to them.
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    That's interesting. Is this like the head CEO of the Methodist church or just the local chapter? The Methodists pretty much run the show in the town I live in. I really can't see them getting this town full of ranchers and cowboys to give up their guns.
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    According to their website he is the Sec General.
    I know many Methodists that do not share his thoughts.

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    Where's seperation of church and state when you need it.....
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    The Methodists have been anti-gun for decades.

    You folks didn't know that ?
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    nope I'm not a methodist.....:D
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    it's fine, the 'evil doers' will raid the Methodists first. More time for the rest of us to prepare.

    And when they come looking for protection, I'll just have to say, sorry, no guns here.
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    It has been part of the leftist agenda to hijack the Christian denominations in the US for decades. I saw it happen among Lutherans and left the ELCA because of it.
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    It's just there official standing. That does not mean that all Methodists believe or follow this statement.
    This is like saying that Catholics do not believe in premarital sex or the use of condoms. That is the official standing of the Cardinal of Rome but, not followed by all catholics. This guy is an example of that. Shit now I have I go to confession.

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    Being a back sliding, Back pew sitting kind of Christian. It makes me damn proud to be a Southern Baptist when I read such nonsense as this. My preacher encourages gun ownership and allows concealed carry in church. Which by the way is against the law here in the once proud state of Georgia. He is not a member of the Black Regiment (Oh, what a glorious day that would be), but he does express his God given right to free speech.
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    I'm not high on their potluck invite list.
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    Farmboy, we left the Meth church because of liberal views and like you am happy with the Sou. Bapt. Do not like the co-operative program but it has been trimmed a lot since its beginning. There are six of us who carry at our church that I know of. What is the "black reg."?
    ETA: Did a "Dogpile" search and found this interesting link--http://www.daveblackonline.com/pastors.htm
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    Yet another group that only respects the portions of the Bill of Rights that benefit them directly...
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    Here you go -06...This comes from Chuck Baldwin's site.
    The "Black Regiment" was a group of patriot-preachers from virtually every protestant denomination located throughout Colonial America at the time of America's fight for independence who courageously preached the Biblical principles of liberty and independence. The moniker stems from the tendency of these patriot-preachers to wear long, black robes in their pulpits. It referred to the American Presbyterian, Congregationalist, and Baptist clergy.

    Basically they were clergy that encouraged revolution against the King of England.

    If you can not protect what you own, you will not own it long.
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