Unsecure "secure" locks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hbk101274, Mar 19, 2015.

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    master lock 175 opened with no tools or picks, just another lock!

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    You had it at "Masterlock". No surprise. =)

    The numbers 1 - 5 Masterlock and perhaps more, I am not sure, have a security bypass, and if you know where to feel for it, takes a single second to pop them all open. I routinely "practice" on Masterlocks with a Bogata rake from Peterson -that's all I need to pop them quickly. I don't do this to actually practice, but to remind myself how easy it is to do -usually when I try to pick a real lock and fail miserably for days. Also, Masterlock acquired American Lock, which USED to be a very good company, and wouldn't you know it? They started making American Locks with standard pins and cheap cores...to save money.

    Masterlock is mostly just image -they talk a big game, but very few of their locks are worth spending money on.

    This is my favorite video on Masterlock:

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