"Unsustainable Trajectory"

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    Every population of organizms eventually outgrows it's environment, and the resources of that environment - man is no different.
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    Learn the lessons from Easter Island

    Indeed. Lifeboat earth is just a bigger version of lifeboat Easter Island. When the Easter Islanders first made landfall on Easter ISland, its pristine environment was capable of supporting a greater population than it was eventually able to support once the Island's natural resources had been raped and pillaged by a population expanding beyond the Island's capacity to support. Planet earth is, in essence no different.

    At the moment, the world's population is being artificially sustained by oil, coal and gas. Once those resources are no longer harvestable, there will be a global economic and population crash. It is just a matter of time...and when it happens...it will be messy. At the other end of that process...most will live an existence somewhat similar to the pre industrial revolution (though undoubtedly there will be pockets of higher technology). Don't be overly surprised if slavery makes a comeback...slaves were the pre-industrial equivalent to the internal combustion engine that kept many agricultural based economies ticking over....remember....the New and Old Testament provisions regarding slavery have not been repealed and may yet get a new lease of life given the right circumstances.
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