Up to 40%-off MH Cans thru Jun 7, HUGE Mbr. Rebate Certs (7/1 price hike)

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    There won't be another chance like this ...

    Our one-week Mountain House Freeze-Dried Maximum Discount Sale runs June 1-7, 2013.
    Note that the value and impact of this huge preparedness opportunity is magnified due to the fact that some Mountain House can prices are going up significantly on July 1.
    Safecastle is renowned for the awesome MH Sales we put on ... and the fact that club members and non-members alike get the same maximum-allowed discounted prices.
    Buyers club members do also get BIG Royalty Rewards rebate gift certificates for qualifying purchases! ... not to mention the added value of participating in our 2013 Loyalty Royalty program.
    SHOP NOW and get maximum allowed discounts of 25% to 35% and even to 40%-off Mountain House can-case listings!
    Free shipping to the lower 48. All MH orders ship fresh to you, straight from the MH factory within days.
    Quick word on Mountain House canned food: As most know, it is the premier emergency storage food in the world. In cans, it stores for 25-30 years! Almost all varieties are precooked and ready to to eat after rehydration. The way food prices are continually rising, many see unique, top-quality storage food like MH as an investment. Certainly, there is not a better edible insurance policy for your family anywhere.
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  4. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Crisis Preparedness Provider Vendor

    FYI--early sale-period purchases get their shipments quicker (within a week). The MH factory team cannot always keep up with the flow of orders that come thru during major dealer sales, so later orders during a sale period are of course at the back of the queue.
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    Loyalty Royalty: We've posted the June 1 winner of a free combo case of Future Essentials Freeze Dried Meats.

    Our July 1 prize drawing from among all program participants is a Mountain House 72-hour kit.

    We've also updated our Top 20 standings.

    Everyone wins in this program ... and participation is free to all Safecastle Buyers Club members.

    Check it all out right here: http://www.safecastle.com/loyalty-royalty-2013.aspx
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