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    I have/had a private Clandestine Carry Pistol course in western NC coming up. The host’s local folks have come up short for some of their slots, and asked if we would be willing to cover opening it up to a few open enrollment students.

    Because this is last minute, and because we don’t have that many slots available, we are going to reduce our normal class price to $400. Dates for this class are 25-27 AUG 2017 (that is Friday-Sunday). I am assuming this is going to fill rather quickly, since we only have a couple of available slots, so if you East Coast folks want in, I would suggest contacting HH6 as soon as humanly possible.

    We are still waiting for deposits from a couple people interested in the Idaho classes in October, but we also have two or three available slots unspoken for. Those will be Clandestine Carry Pistol and TC3. Get hold of HH6 at

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