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  1. i got my kill-a-watt meter in.. FINALLY..
    so now here are my results:

    Amps: 2.33A
    VA: 305Va TOPS (fluctuates between 290-305 depending if my pc is playing vids, vol, etc or not)
    Watts: 270W
    Volts: 123V
    Hz: 60Hz
    KWH: 0.15 KWH
    PF: 0.91

    so that brings me back to new calcs and battery bank size.. and how many solar panels will be ideal

    thanks again!
  2. ghrit

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    Results of what appliance or combination? How long was the test and how many watt hours were consumed?
  3. Airtime

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    That response wasn't warranted.

    Here is the original thread he was following up on.
    battery bank question and how to improve it | Survival Monkey Forums

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    Hear Here...
  5. Mindgrinder

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    Wtf you talking aboot?

    Said with much love for you...(purely hettro)
    Miserable old sumbitch that you are.
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  6. oil pan 4

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    Use the kill a watt meter to track power consumption over the course of a week or 2.
    Just knowing how much power something uses while it's on isn't even half the story. Have to know total consumption, how much the device uses when it's on, how long it's on per day on average, how much power it uses while it's supposedly "off".
    Hint: these days when you turn off some pieces of modern tech that usually doesn't mean they totally stop using power.
  7. ghrit

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    No. Simply trying to understand what the message said.
  8. techsar

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    So very true...ghost loads can consume enormous amounts of power, and what is used on one day may be quite different from the next.

    0.15 Kwh...or 150 watt/hours. Is this for one computer for one hour, or what, exactly. Numbers without context can cause folks to give erroneous data.
    Please be more specific...
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    Let's get back to reasonable dialog, here, or I will LOCK THIS Thread...
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    No lock needed. Violation of CoC items 1 & 8, warning issued.
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    I cleaned , ALL post to OP.
    Nice PM I received , Sure makes you feel like helping!
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