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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by mage2, Sep 7, 2008.

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    So, I got the legal trigger group and gas piston.
    Then just now i finished pressing in the barrel and barrel pin. my first try (about a month ago) was the BFH method. and apparently my lineing up abilities failed me that day. so i knocked/pressed it back out and tonight i pressed it in. lined it up and pressed in the barrel pin, GO me. so now i have less to do. I did a mock "throw it together" to test fitting and I am running into a few problems.

    first when i try to cycle it, it will stick. i dont know if this is the new gas piston or if its the reciever binding on the bolt carrier.

    second the dust cover doesnt fit. its too short. i think this is all my faut and that i have not placed the rear trunnion correctly.

    as you all know this is my first build and i would like anyones (you know who you are) opinions.
    this reciever needs the holes that were drilled in it filled so i can redrill them, at this rate ill buy another reciever before i find someone local to do that for me.

    thanks for all your help on this long drawn out project.
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    Most of them will fit-up a little tight and a few swipes of a file across the rails will loosen them up. Another problem spot is the mag release relief sometimes has to be adjusted and the rivet heads inside the forward part of the mag-well. Here's a good tutorial that might help out a bit, http://howtobuildanaktyperifle.com/index.htm
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    If you had the barrel a little twisted when you put it in a Pipe wrench could have fixed it.

    Top cover...well your rear trunnion is not far enough forward.

    Order of build-

    *Attach Trigger guard (get mag)

    *Slide front Trunnion into place. Insert mag, should be nice and snug. MARK Front Trunnion Position!

    *Once FT is riveted in get Rear trunnion and Top cover. Slide in RT, put on top cover, adjust position of RT till Top Cover is Tight.

    IF your bolt is sticking make sure your barrel is pressed all the way in... Then Check the ejector tab in the receiver, it could be rubbing the bolt and snagging. Hand cycle and look for rubs then work from there.
  4. mage2

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    Yea, i figured out what was wrong, i do need to move the rear trunion forward. I smoothed the rails edges with some sand paper and it doesnt seem to stick like it did before. all is going well it seems.
    only a few things left i need to get before im done with this project.
    I appreciate all the help with this.

    thanks again
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