Update on the Harbor Freight Generator.

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    I left another forum many years ago because I simply could not bear the pious smug any longer. The SM community has been good about avoiding this trap, with only minor flare ups.

    People do what they do for a reason. Their situation may not work for everyone else, and they may indeed be operating in the realm of ignorance. No matter how dumb someone's plan may sound (or actually be), I accept that they are doing their best.

    Small businesses like food trucks and contractors run on thin profit margins and do not have a lot of funds to plow into capital tools that are not germane to their job. That means a building contractor will think little of paying $700+ for a high end professional grade table saw and then balk at spending more than half that amount for a generator to run it.

    You will not see many $4000 Honda inverter generators or slow turn diesels on construction sites, or for that matter anywhere they are not truly needed. A small businessman would rather pay $300 every 2-3 years to replace a cheap "screamer" generator than front $4000 for the Honda, even if the Honda will outlast the rest.

    As for how this applies to prepping, buying the best is nice if you are wealthy but most of us have to "amortize" our expenses out, and that means buying something cheaper knowing it will not last as long. That's how we regular people live.
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    Im a regular people .
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