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  1. UncleMorgan

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    There have been several write-ups recently about the discovery of another super-sized magma chamber under Yellowstone's other super-size magma chamber, but I hadn't seen it mentioned here.

    The thing about the second chamber is that it is truly huge--it contains enough magma to fill the entire Grand Canyon to the brim. Eleven times over.

    Obviously it's been there for a while, so us finding it won't necessarily make Yellowstone erupt any sooner--but when it does, it's probably going to be pretty close to an Extinction Level Event.

    So pack a few extra bags of Twinkies and yer poncho. It's a hard rain gonna fall.
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  2. NotSoSneaky

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    Links to any of the "several write-ups" wanted please.
  3. kellory

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    An "Extinction Level Event," is nothing to even worry about. Why bother? Most likely, you and everyone you ever met are already dead.
    Now. Worrying about things you CAN do something about, would make more sense.
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  4. Motomom34

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  5. kellory

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    Hmmm, would that be when they were using trucks to thump the ground, and some looneys thought they were trying to set off the volcano?
  6. Dunerunner

    Dunerunner Brewery Monkey Moderator

    Like hitting a firecracker with a hammer because the fuse stopped burning.....
  7. BTPost

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    and if you go and actually READ the Paper Published in "Science" the authors give quite a different Picture of the information, than what the Taking Heads @ NPR present to the Low Information Listeners of their Bather..... Why do News Talking Heads use the Label "Scientists" when they KNOW, or should Know, that these folks are Geologists, Vulcanologists, and Seismologists. The term "Scientists" has absolutely NO MEANING, because even a lowly Biologist, Chemist, or Physicist, who wouldn't know an Igneous Rock, from a LadyBug, is a "Scientist".... Ok, Rant Off....
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  8. kellory

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    Not at all. Those trucks are commercially used to map gas deposits and underground structure. It is a tool, that listens to the returns to make a picture of what is not seen, like land sonar. These trucks were used around Yellowstone a while back, and a YouTube I posted, showed the fringe wacko claiming that the government was intentionally trying to set off the volcano, for whatever asinine fill in the blank answer, without any idea of the science involved. But he was SURE the intent was to wipe out humanity.
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  9. NotSoSneaky

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    I'll go with what @kellory said. [coo]
    Running around going ohno is about all one can do if Yellowstone blows.
    Its like trying to survive global nuclear war.[eek3]

    Except worse. [tongue]
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  10. BTPost

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    Thumper Trucks are much cheaper to operate than Drilling Rigs, with Energetic materials down the BoreHole..... and a lot SAFER in a Geothermal Zone like JellyStone NP.... The Listening Devices are a WHOLE MAGNITUDE better than they were just a decade ago, and the Modeling Software is multiGenerationally Better as well.... It doesn't take near as much Input to get better pictures of what is down there.... Can you imagine the OutCray, if they drilled a Hole near JellyStone and the detonation cause Old Faithful to quit Spouting..... The Greenies would be crying for BLOOD, and demanding ACTION....
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  11. Dunerunner

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    Not worried here as the wind always blows North to South or South to North, Never East to West. So, I'd have at least a couple of weeks of target shooting and drinking to do before my extinction.. [violin]
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  12. HK_User

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    And good for me since I laid out the route to their thumper sites.

    Maybe I selected a few dozen more twist and turns than they would have but that was the deal for them to Thump on my property.

    Anyway, it opened up some good trails that were 16 feet wide and 12 feet tall and after they left I had a good layer of shredded material to prevent ruts and help the grass grow later.
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  13. Dunerunner

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    But, you ever thump on a star break and watch the crack run across the windshield?
  14. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    I think the volcanic eruption at Toba was the last near Extinction Level Event for the human species if (and only if) Toba caused the apparent genetic bottleneck that appears at about the same time. You can bet it was an Extinction Level Event for everyone that lived nearby, and the closer the extincter. (Izzataword?) Likewise it was a near Extinction Level Event for a lot of people that lived a good bit further away. Not extinct, exactly, but extinctish. (Izzatanudderword?)

    For Yellowstone, I'd say don't bother to try to move away. You probably couldn't move far enough.

    The volume of the Grand Canyon is 4.17 trillion cubic meters. Eleven times that is 45.87 trillion cubic meters. Whereas Toba only put out about 2,800 cubic kilometers. Which would be 2.8 trillion cubic meters. So, after counting some of my toes twice, it looks like a big bang at Yellowstone would be 16.38 times as large as the previously biggest bang at Toba.

    Everybody that survives is invited to a party in my very small apartment.

    (Y'know, it may nor happen today or tomorrow, but now I think I know why the government is digging all those Deep Underground Military Bases and hoarding like there may not be a tomorrow. I think they're planning a little party of their own, to which you and I will most probably NOT be invited.)
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  15. tr7heaven

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    I agree with kellory, only pay mind to what you can do something about!
  16. madmax

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    Yeah I just don't worry about WW3. Yellowstone, and San Adreas.
  17. Dunerunner

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  18. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

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  19. Brokor

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    I think it's a fascinating topic, but be sure to leave a little room for the chance that a Yellowstone eruption could also become a gaseous fart. Not everything must end with fire and gloom. Although, generally most things end with fire and gloom. :eek:
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  20. DarkLight

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    If it ends with a "poooooooooooooot" your gonna WISH it had ended with fire and gloom. ;)
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