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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by robfindlay, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. robfindlay

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    I picked up Cody Lundin's book "When all Hell Breaks Loose" and it covers household survival VERY well, but I'm looking for a book that will discuss urban combat, fortifying the home etc etc.
    Any recomendations?

  2. CBMS

    CBMS Looking for a safe place

    Books no, Try the different Army Manuals. I know there are ones specifically for those subjects.
  3. Sharpie44

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    Urban combat is something I wish to avoid all together. I'm damn good with a rife up to 350 yards "That's as far as our range goes" but I'm not so good with a pistol or an AR/ak. I'm pretty good with my revolver but not so much with my roommates 1911. I've never owned a semi automatic rifle just bolt action so I have no experience with them ether. my plan is to hit the hills and stay away from people altogether or pick them off from long range if I have to.

    I do plan on picking up an Ak sometime in the next year and a half, right after I get an SVD. Might give me a chance if i need to fight in an urban setting when [shtf]

  4. robfindlay

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    I feel the opposite, I'm not an outdoorsman, dont have the skills, though I wish to learn them.

    For me it's going to HAVE to be urban as i have family that is disabled and aged that I refuse to abandon.

    Plus unless you know the REAL extream back country I think the "hills" are going to be crawling with every and anyone who's ever been camping...I'd almost rather stay in a semi-abandoned sub-division.

  5. Sharpie44

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    Were I'm going people aren't going to be a big problem and If they are trying to camp out in the soybean field or the woods they better get out quick or learn to dodge bullets. Although it would be hard to keep people out of all 290 Acres all the time.

  6. robfindlay

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    Just saying, I dunno where you live, but here in Utah...EVERYONE goes camping and hunting the "wilderness" is a 20 to 40 minute drive. Since i don't know Utah's back country well enough to escape into the deep wasatch or the high-uintas it's just not an option for me.
  7. ghrit

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    You can get lost in the High Uinta. It is huge country. I think it could absorb all of SLC without any elbow rubbing, but you have to be ready for it. Rugged is an understatement. You can also find spaces in the Great Divide Basin area of Wyoming that have not been trod by folks since roads went in. But there is not much water, and even less edible growing things (plenty meat on the hoof, but you can't boil it without water.) But go there fully prepared. A plane went down south and east of Rock Springs in the 60s that wasn't found 'till the 80s. North of the basin, you can find water here and there. I'd like to say I could go there --
  8. Byte

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    ghrit, yeah the Red Desert runs through there. Pretty abysmal county for sure. If you don't mind plains living there is plenty of water on the Eastern side, Pathfinder and Seminoe Reservoirs. But plains life in WY blows...literally!

    I'd be more inclined to strike out for the Wind River Range between Lander and Pinedale. No limit to the ruggedness you'll find in there. Of course, that just means the people you're likely to bump into are going to be tougher than aged leather too. Meh...maybe when the zombies come I'll just be a good lil' Hollywood influenced muppet and go to the mall! The last survivors always make it if they get there in time... [troll]

  9. BAT1

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    Having a tank rotate it's turrent at you would not be good. Good bye home. We are urban and my lady is handicapped. I've talked to some neighbors and they are stocking up on water and food and other things. Since the rotation in the bore arms the projectile, it would take a percussion wave to do anything to a tank. Having said that, we would lead them into some dry creeks nearby, where only boots could follow. If we lay down they will not respect us and do worse. When they get their nose bloodied, some will defy orders. We all have a hard choice to make, even them.
  10. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Gotta be overweight in that nekka da woods, or the squeetoes will carry your carcass home to the kiddies come summer. Sure is pretty country, and just about anything will grow there. A good place to be.

  11. robfindlay

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    Actually if we did have to bug out of our urban environment our group would go overland, across the west desert into the sierra-nevada's Got more friends and family in that area living in fairly remote areas with ample, game water and plant life.

    'course if the disaster is the chemical weapons incinerator in the west desert has a little boo-boo we might not want to go that way.

    Hell I envy my buddy in San Diego he lives within walking distance of the marina and his bug out plan his take his fully stocked sail/power boat straight out to the high-seas.....course he's an experienced sailor.

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