US border cops nab retiree with drug load

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ghostrider, Aug 11, 2006.

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    [FONT=Verdana,Sans-serif]US border cops nab retiree with drug load[/FONT]
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    PHOENIX, Arizona (Reuters) - U.S. Border police arrested an 81-year-old man as he tried to cross from Mexico with 175 pounds (80 kg) of cocaine stuffed into his car, officials said on Wednesday.
    Officers at Nogales, Arizona, found the cocaine and arrested the elderly driver on Tuesday, said Customs and Border Protection spokesman Brian Levin.
    "It is pretty much the limit of what I have seen," Levin told Reuters by telephone. "I don't remember encountering someone quite this old trying to smuggle drugs into this country ... and he was driving an unusually large amount of cocaine."
    The man arrested is a resident of Nogales, Arizona but officials did not immediately know if he was an American or Mexican citizen.
    Nogales, which lies some 165 miles south of Phoenix, is a key transit point used by Mexican drug cartels to smuggle marijuana, cocaine and heroin to U.S. markets.
    Levin said border police rarely see loads of more than 70 to 80 pounds (32 to 36 kg) of cocaine in passenger cars.
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    Dagnabit! Those nursing homes are expensive.
    dgnr (Medium).
  3. ghrit

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    And social "security" is so generous--;)
  4. CRC

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    Supplemental Income...??

    Rx's and medical care costs are skyrocketing....he was just trying to make ends meet and have something to leave his kids...

    Or he's been doing this a reeaaalllllly long time and got caught this time....:rolleyes:
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    Now that is just wrong. That gentle old soul was wrongly detained by that Nazi of a border guard. Was framed with all that dope planted on him. And in fact was bound, gagged and dragged screaming and kicking into the US. Don't you guys know wrong doing Nazis when you see them? Sheesh.

    So this guy smuggles dope across the border into our country. Where's ACLU at? This old man should be helped out quickly. I'm sure his civil rights have been violated. Something fishy about this. They sure that it was coke and not medicinal baking soda?

    So what's the next move? Another border agent going to go to jail because he did his job? I guess he won't though because there wouldn't have been a 'high speed' chase with this elderly gentleman. And since he wasn't armed there was no need to have to shoot him in the butt. So maybe no jail time for this one.

    However all you border agents out there, do not think this type of behavior will be accepted either. Remember, Illegal Drug Smugglers from Mexico have more rights than you do. If you harrass them, we'll have you tried and sentenced to jail time while we issue them immunity from prosecution. After all, I'm sure his family is back in Mexico being held hostage by a gang of thugs until he makes the drop and heads back with the money.

    So go easy next time and make sure after you have successfully shown him the correct way to get to his drug drop, dust him off, offer water and food, and wish him well.

    Anyone waiting to see what kind of charges this agent is going to get?
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