US Dollar Index now at new All Time Low

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by hacon1, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Gold and Silver (along with the grains) are all telling the story. This is the nightmare many of us have been worrying about. The collapse of a currency is a predicator of the collapse of a nation. We are witnessing history boys and girls. Soon, very soon, the ability to afford large quantities of food, ammo and precious metals for future events will be out of reach. Once the US Dollar Index cracks 72, there is no real support. Once we see the USD Index drop below 50, we are talking a hyperinflationary depression which will make what happened in Argentina look like an episode of Romper Room.

    I can only warn you now gang to get your final preps in order. This does not happen in one day but over a period of time. With the index shattering it's last record low, we are about to see the largest tax increase on American citizens in history.

    The inflation tax will destroy your spending power. It will leave you with little income to prep for the coming storm.

    And it's obviously all part of a larger plan.
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