US Intel Community behind Wikileaks as a silent Internet coup countering the Clinton Silent coup

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AD1, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. AD1

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    What do you think about this

    I know it linked to info wars so keep an open mind
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  2. 3M-TA3

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    I'm finding that InfoWars has begun to report many things that make it to my TV set (though somewhat watered down) about a week later. Like you say, take it with a grain of salt and look for corroborative evidence in the next few days to see if it pans out.

    What a strange world we live in when InfoWars starts to pan out more often than the MSM...
  3. stg58

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    Watched that last night.

    This whole thing A to Z has so many threads so many rabbit holes so much crap it is so hard to believe any thing which may be the end goal.

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  4. ghrit

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    Methinks that any story sourced from InfoWars and not substantiated from a more reliable source should go straight away to the Inferno or Tin Foil Hat lounge as appropriate going forward.
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  5. Ura-Ki

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    This actually wouldn't surprise me one bit! I think Killery has way too many Enemies these days for this amount of data to be "leaked" especially if it all were supposedly deleted before and now it had come back! Who would have the ability to reclaim lost data, and who would benefit from it the most?
  6. AD1

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    Feel free to transport. I tried to find foil but gave up after 2 seconds ;)
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  7. Bandit99

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    Hmmm... Basically what we are saying is the Intelligence community gave WikiLeaks emails that would bring her down, and these were so incriminating that it forced Comey to reverse himself and go against his boss Lynch...

    Actually, I don't find that too hard to believe, perhaps it is a bit too convenient to come at this time after Comey has already reopened the case due to new emails (no matter where they came from) but... Yeah, I do think the Intel guys would do something like this and it would be fairly easily for them. Most of them are ultra-nationalists. We do know that inside the FBI has been toxic since July as Comey's own agents think he sold the Bureau out - which of course he did.

    Now, it they did indeed have her cold...then it seems she has two choices: cut a deal now or try like hell to gain the presidency then force them to overthrow her, probably by impeachment. So...all we got to do is wait and see and we'll know if this is real. Five more days... I would not put treason pass this woman or her husband. I wonder if she would suicide if they got evidence of treason? I doubt it. But, one can hope! LOL!!! At this point in the game - nothing would surprise me.

    Yes, I also don't like InfoWars or Alex Jones as he says a lot but very little comes of it. But, in truth, is there a reliable source that reports news anymore? If so, then please tell because I would like a news network that is not part of the propaganda machine.
    And, I have to agree with Dinesh D'Souza "FOX is more like a radio talk show and does very little if any investigative reporting." I thought he was spot-on there...
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  8. marlas1too

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    the media only reports what the reporters thinks or what he or she thinks they see or hear so I take everything on the news with a teaspoon of salt not a grain
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  9. Thunder5Ranch

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    Highly plausible that one or more spook agencies would conspire to eliminate Hillary from the equation. The NSA without question has the ability dig the treasures out of the electronic sewer. It would then make sense to pass it on to the FBI for further investigation and the information that was not legally obtained to be passed on in bulk drops via a 3rd party parties like Wikileaks or a trove of emails appearing on the Wiener's laptop. What makes it questionable is the source and the statement the agencies involved gave permission for the revelation, can't see any of the agencies giving a public service announcement in the middle of a covert operation detailing the plans and then using Alex Jones as the media to make said announcement. So there is plausible intermingled with the maddest of hatters in the media, that makes it somewhat dubious in my mind. If there was indeed permission from the agencies to reveal the coup why not just hold a press conference and lay it out there clear and concise to everyone.
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  10. ghrit

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    Old habits die hard, especially in spookville. There is no precedence for dropping trou in public among the spooksters, (which is one of the reasons Comey is taking flak) and none of them want to set such a precedent. A "marked reluctance" for anything public. But I agree, Alex is a poor place to second out things for exposure, his credibility is lower than whale turds.
  11. Ura-Ki

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    Don't forget, the NSA isn't a public agency, They cannot act on there own, of there own volition, so they would have to pass on any/all data to a different agency for what ever use it would have!
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  12. Brokor

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    Lately I have resorted to forcing myself to stomach more of his broadcasts just to grab what I find useful and then continuing my own study elsewhere. One thing InfoWars is really good at (besides sensationalizing and grand standing) is throwing a chunk of gold out into the street. Of course, they immediately grab that gold and replace it with a hunk of pyrite, but those of us who actually possess critical thinking skills and at least an average IQ, can surmise what is what. With the corporate media, nothing is real at all. At the end of the day, they leave you pondering if the universe really is a computer simulation and before too long, you're susceptible to casually believing any hypnotic suggestion thrown at you.

    I just think the term "coup" is being used far too loosely. There appears to be many wolves in battle lately. If we look at the Saudi connections between the Bush Dynasty and Clinton crime syndicate, and the Israeli fingerprints on nearly every action plan, the task becomes much easier to handle.
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  13. Thunder5Ranch

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    The sad thing is I know people that believe Alex Jones and Infowars are the second coming and that every time Alex farts he is whispering wisdom. They are no less sheep than those who are herded by other media sources. My own thought is Infowars is 90% sensationalism, 8% within the realm of plausible and possible and 2% reliable. Which is slightly better than mainstream media which seems to be 98% BS, 1.5% possible and plausible and about .5% Reliable. In other words media is pretty much overall worthless by the time they spin it, and tell you what to think about it.
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  14. chimo

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    Infowars, Drudge and Breitbart are no more credible than any other media source. They are all colored by their own biases and motivations. When reading/listening/watching this crap, one must pick out the kernels of fact mixed within the flakes of biased BS and use your own noggin to piece together the puzzle of truth.
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