us military liasioning with e.t.'s

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    So says two independant sources ( Hononalulu examiner)
    U.S. military is liaising with extraterrestrial life according to independent sources

    December 28, 11:45 AM[​IMG]Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner[​IMG]Michael Salla, Ph.D.
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    President Obama and VP Biden with Joint Chiefs of Staff. AP Photo

    Independent sources have claimed an on-going set of face-to-face meetings between U.S. military officials and extraterrestrial life. The sources reveal that senior U.S. Navy officers have played a leading role in an inter-services working group responsible for the meetings, and that different extraterrestrial groups are allegedly involved. One source claims that the contact involves extraterrestrial groups known as Reptilians, and a silicon based life form dubbed ‘the Conformers’. Another source claims that the extraterrestrials are called Ebens from the Zeta Reticuli star system, but known colloquially as the Grays. A third source claims that human looking extraterrestrials representing an association of star nations are liaising with military officials. Two of the sources have been interviewed by this writer who has been aware of their claims for more than a year, and finds them credible. The similarities in these independent reports gives reason to conclude that an ongoing program of secret meetings involving senior military personal from the U.S. Navy and other military services with one or more extraterrestrial civilizations is underway.

    One source claiming to have participated in face-to-face meetings is a serving U.S. Navy officer that in February 2008 revealed the existence of a confidential set of meetings at the UN where UFOs and extraterrestrial life were discussed. Known as Source A, the Navy officer claims that he was sanctioned by a working group comprising a number of admirals to disclose the UN talks without revealing his identity. In June 2008, Source A claims he was assigned to another project that involved direct meetings with two groups of extraterrestrials in a covert project where he was sanctioned to board their spacecraft on three different occasions. One group is a Reptilian looking species, and another is a silicon based life form he dubbed the ‘Conformers’.

    This author and a number of other researchers have met with and interviewed Source A, and have been able to confirm that he is a serving U.S. Navy officer. Recently, two New York based UFO investigators, Clay and Shawn Pickering, gave a three hour interview concerning Source A’s involvement in a covert project involving face-to-face meetings with extraterrestrial life. They revealed that a covert inter-services working group has attempted to brief President Obama about the extraterrestrial liaison project. Given Source A’s identity and unlikelihood that more senior U.S. Navy officials would sanction a serving officer to openly misinform the general public over extraterrestrial life, there is reason to take his claims of participating in a covert project involving face-to-face meetings very seriously.

    An anonymous source associated with the Defense Intelligence Agency recently claimed that military officials on November 12, 2009, met with extraterrestrials called Ebens, from the Zeta Reticula star system, on Akau Atoll in the Johnston Islands. The alleged meeting was part of an ongoing set of diplomatic discussions and exchanges that date several decades. The information was the latest installment related to an alleged classified project called Serpo, a secret exchange program with extraterrestrial visitors from Zeta Reticulum. According to Victor Martinez, who maintains a large email list where he distributes Project Serpo reports released to him by ‘anonymous’:

    … the Ebens met on Akau Island with a total of 18 representatives from the U.S., United Nations, Russia, China, the Vatican and certain other guests. U.S. representatives are said to have included five military personnel, two intelligence officers, one linguist and one person representing the Obama administration.

    The Johnston Islands are a U.S. territory and lie 750 miles south west of Honolulu. That places the Islands directly under the military authority of Pacific Command that historically has been run by the U.S. Navy. Although the latest Project Serpo release does not identify the service of the five military personnel at the alleged meeting, the choice of Johnston Atoll suggests a leading role for U.S. Navy officials in the latest face-to-face meeting.
    The Serpo story raises considerable controversy with many inconsistencies in the claims of the sources revealing the Serpo information. Nevertheless, there are many events revealed in the Serpo story that are very likely based on real events such as President Reagan being secretly briefed at some point about extraterrestrial life. A number of Reagan’s public statements are circumstantial evidence that he did receive such a briefing. An alleged transcript of the briefing was released as part of the Serpo material in November 2007. This author’s assessment is that the Serpo releases mix real events with fiction in an officially sanctioned acclimation program. While the Serpo material requires much discernment given the level of disinformation in it, it is very likely that it accurately reveals the existence of secret military meetings with extraterrestrials, but mixes this with contrived details. The implicit leading role of the U.S. Navy in the alleged Akau meeting is consistent with the revelations of Source A.

    The third and final anonymous source has revealed face-to-face meetings between U.S. military officials and human looking representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Again officers from the U.S. Navy are described as playing an active role, and are deeply involved in promoting public disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrial life. What distinguishes this alleged set of military meetings with extraterrestrials is that according to the source, the meetings were convened due to distrust over the way a covert international control group initially called “MJ-12” ” (current name unknown), has been managing information and technology concerning extraterrestrial life. The various military representatives were apparently shocked over the extent to which “MJ-12” has deceived them in oversight and management of extraterrestrial affairs.
    In conclusion, there is very real dissatisfaction in the U.S. military, especially officers from the Navy, over the way in which extraterrestrial affairs has been secretly run and managed by a covert transnational group initially known as “MJ-12. The dissatisfaction can be traced back to an incident involving a Vice-Admiral serving as the head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff who was denied access to a covert extraterrestrial related project under corporate control. The incident was in June 2008 publicly revealed on Larry King Live by former Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (see video clip). Since at least 1997, groups of U.S. Navy officers through covert inter-service working groups have been trying to restore military/government oversight over extraterrestrial affairs that has been increasingly privatized in the corporate world.

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  2. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Re: u.s.military liasioningwith e.t.'s

    TheAbovetop secret board thread
    on this topic mentions "sources all concur the U.S. Navy is central to the whole human alien thing:
    Senior US Naval officers?? Here is a connection that is "out there" to probably a lot of you. Nostradamus said the antichrist's name would be Mabus."

    Ooo look who is head of the navy??

    Ray Mabus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:MabusRay.jpg" class="image" title="Ray Mabus"><img alt="" src=""@@AMEPARAM@@commons/thumb/0/04/MabusRay.jpg/225px-MabusRay.jpg

    Now thats weird(shh nobody tell David,we'll never hear the end of it "Dawkins you lying freak!!!!"[loco][loco])...
  3. Brokor

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    Re: u.s.military liasioningwith e.t.'s

    I don't buy into the whole religious aspect, but the scientific data and the paper and money trail for black ops spell certain truths about alien contact, which reaches beyond circumstantial. The problem is, that the government cover-up and propaganda campaigns have seriously curtailed any intense investigation. That said, there are already volumes of reaching programs in play, and have been in play for some time, which become "gray" areas to include projects of our own. These projects have become convoluted and misinterpreted as having "alien" aspects; to include HAARP, and numerous top secret aircraft and weaponry programs just to name a few. The true extent of the real alien involvement is known only to a select few high ranking military personnel and other shady characters, who simply DO NOT take part in spilling the story to mainstream media -and even if it did happen, the corporate media is so utterly controlled that the real extent of the story would never be told. Therefore, the very best we have as "outsiders" to the truth, is little more than hearsay and rarely involves even a scrap of solid proof.

    Just as the TV show, the "X-Files" headlined the phrase The Truth is Out There -what we most times overlook is the addition to this, which is safely in the hands of those who are enlightened. The common person really has very little to grasp on this subject. The proof of aliens and their agenda really is all around us, but our modern lifestyle and fast paced way of living is a deterrent to non-subversive truth. The government is WAY out of control, the majority of the 1st world nations are locked in tune to television social programming and the consumer lifestyle, and the 3rd world mud-hut nations have no idea what to think of technology, let alone give voice to the strange occurrences in the sky.

    Even if there is a massive cover-up and a secret global alien invasion/influence, there isn't a single thing any civilian can do to stop it or even dampen the effects. This will play out to fruition, and the world will change -that is the bottom line. All we have to do is try to survive these changes and hope to make a better world from the ashes.
  4. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Re: u.s.military liasioningwith e.t.'s

    I don't know how reputable the source is...I assumed it was a valid newspaper site..but the "weekly world news is a(tabloid) "newspaper" too.,
    I find it interesting: Shockley of bell labs demonstrates the first transistor 1947, Roswell"incident" also 1947...:)
  5. SLugomist

    SLugomist Monkey++

    Re: u.s.military liasioningwith e.t.'s

    Another post from ATS.


    "With senior naval officers? secretary of the navy is Mabus. Nostradamus said antichrist would be named mabus. Bible says antichrist will reign for 7 years. the first 3 1/2 will be ''good", the last 3 1/2 will be the worst evil ever seen on earth. when was mabus appointed secretary of the navy? Jun 18, 2009 by obama...the administration which is supposed to be considered "the savior" (consider the "joke" he told stating "contrary to popular belief i was not born in a manger"... reference to Jesus and "savior") 3 1/2 years from june 18, 2009 takes us to dec 18, 2012, almost 3 1/2 years to the day of the supposed end of the world on the mayan calendar... or whatever it is you think will happen that day. could it be by combining the 3 most famous doomsday prophecies ever that the real final story is put together? "

    ok so everything comes together

    ancient alien theory. the ET know of impending doom for earths civilizations, the "cycles" end. and have come to "rapture" those worthy away with them before the SHTF. Enough are left to repopulate but tech and civilization is gone. Atlantis?? We are in age of pisces, going into age of aquarius. The sphinx was built in age of Leo, hence Egyptian worship of cats and a massive stone lion. This has apparently happend quite a few times in earth's history, mayans said 4 times.

    They built the pyramids to store information for the next age, so those that made it could get a head start. Thus the strongest current regime "the west" is located in and around the Med since the romans and greeks and egyptians mingled.
  6. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Re: u.s.military liasioningwith e.t.'s

    Yeah I know ATS is mostly populated with lonely teenagers... But it has its entertainment value...

    and the "mabus thing" set me back on my heels...
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