US moving from 'inclusion' to totalitarianism

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Yard Dart, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Death knell for freedom? US moving from 'inclusion' to totalitarianism | Fox News
    "I dislike everybody, till I find a reason to like them"...... Is that inclusive enough, or does that warrant prison time because one has offended the Peace & Flower lovin peep's.....

    To each their own.... Live and let Live.... and so on....

    But the political tone today is to divide our nation via social upheaval. Straights against gays, black against whites, citizens against illegal aliens, college educated (indoctrinated) against hard working Americans....... the politics of hate and division are tearing this nation apart.... and that is exactly what the .gov wants. For as long as we squabble about these issues, the .gov grows in size and power more and more everyday.. Keep your eye on the ball, not on the distraction of the day!!
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    Reminds me a bit of unions, in the old days when sweatshops were common, they had a point. But today there is minimum wage and with social media for 'exposure' of work conditions, either positive or negative, I don't think unions are necessary now.
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    As long as we have yard dart we will be fine.... *tosses one in the ring*

    Seriously YD I agree... We are in the phase that old Roman empire got to Give the peeps grain and games.... Elite fight with each other over who controls.... It's a fools game.... Back to yard darts
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    I nice idea but there is not enough gold in the world for all the transactions.... Asset back currencies yes but gold will never be the only standard... Just not feasible...
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    It's historical. A portion of the account of how this nation was taken over by communists and the corporations merged with government to create a Fascist dictatorship. Goes hand in hand with my previous dictation: FDR and Emergency War Powers (Explained) | Survival Forums
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    In Mid-Evil England, they would gather the poor into great halls and feed them and then slaughter them. "Let the peasants eat Cake!"
    We're being fed cake! The cake consists of the stuff each of the groups want to hear that vindicates their personal animosities, distractions from the "Guillotine" that's about to fall!

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    Not all college educated people are "indoctrinated". You will find some pretty conservative people in the science and engineering fields.

    Otherwise I agree we should be live and let live. my freedom of speech should override some liberal dupes perceived "right" not to be offended by anything any time, ever. I have noticed that liberals believe that free speech is a "good thing" unless it is being used by someone who disagrees with them. The it is a "bad thing". Frickin hypocrites.
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    And I agree with that in general.... but when I wrote that I was more thinking about the current generation and how the campus environment is a cesspool of liberal activism and indoctrination. My nephew recently graduated high school and was made to feel inferior by his HS counselor because he did not wanted to go to a traditional college. Like he was going to be a failure in life, because he was not following the path they were trying to force him down.

    In addition, most employment opportunities advertised now days, require a college degree, for the most basic entry level positions. Kind of like, if you do not have a degree, you are a lower caste and not worthy. There are many great people that have gone a different path such as military, trades, vo-tech and so on... that are equally as capable. But in the vein of the original post, education is just another way to pit one group against another.
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  10. Ganado

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    I know it's historical =) and I apologize for making the assumption that you were implying in your comments that we go back to a gold standard... My bad for assuming.

    We have been on sort of an asset backed currency for years called the petrodollar...
    But the rest of the World isn't happy with this system because of the financial inequality it involves..... This might be changing since China started the Asia infrastructure bank and most of our allies hopped on board March 31st
  11. Ganado

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    Edu-macation is over rated. And is used as a way to weed thru applicants faster. The problem is
    1) if your primary way to learn is by doing and not reading and test taking you get classified as 'something less than' the people who have degrees

    2) people who do and try stuff and fail are the people who change the world. If you have a degree and don't do anything but more written papers then you be one one of those over educated idiots with no common sense

    3) there is no creativity in book learning. It's regurgitation and he who regurgitated and memorized best wins. This prevents a whole host of brilliant practical people who should have some of these jobs from having them and helping to form a workable world

    Disclaimer.... I have 2 masters degrees and the best thing I learned from. College was 1) how to get along g with all kinds of people 2) how to work the system.
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  13. Brokor

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    I've noticed something since coming to the private sector concerning college graduate types versus average high school/votech types commonly thought of as poor or ignorant. Many (but not all) college grads end up in positions where they do very little but take most of the credit; average workers do all the work but are rarely rewarded. Also, it's funny how a piece of paper is supposed to grant you a higher salary when colleges rarely focus on field study and make students take electives and various courses which have nothing to do with their intended profession. So, when these college grads get to work, often a business management position, and have zero real world experience and practically no advanced training while Joe Shmoe average with 10 years experience on the job can't get promoted to management -it makes you kind of wonder. I see the entitlement process, and it just makes me laugh. There are too many people following policy blindly and NOT choosing to think...that's the problem.
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  14. Mike

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    You are very right. The govt has created hysteria and distraction to take over everything. Beware.

    You are correct, Sir
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    Oh, not a problem! We all make mistakes, especially myself. For the record, I never have, and never will support a gold standard. I believe as Lincoln did -that a Constitutionally sound currency authorized by Congress without debt attached to it (FIAT) is the way to go. The inherent problem we have is dispelling the many myths which come with such an endeavor; allowing private banking corporations to have control is the root problem. This country has always had private banks controlling the monetary supply, with exception only to the time with the Greenback and if we want to be exact, Colonial times, which failed miserably. Each had their problems, but mostly counterfeiting. With today's technology, I don't see counterfeiting to be much of a burden. Naturally, we would have to curtail .Gov spending, as any healthy economy requires, and that's something our government does not, it is not so much the FIAT currency which is the problem, but who holds the power to create money and draw debt. The reason I do not favor gold backed currencies, is because it is rather easy for private interests, in league with government infiltrators to manipulate the market and create a panic -as we have already witnessed. If we are to learn anything from the early 1900's, it should be that the gold standard is a giant neon sign for despots.
    Yes, and the oil industry, along with maintaining dollar supremacy as the worlds currency in exchange hinges on military might and ample use of Terrorism ™. If and when China and BRICS actually bite as much as they bark, and seize control of the oil, or in the least influence the market, a lot will change. Right now, the primary regions are solidly controlled by US/European interests, as are the trade routes. But, if Russia does punch through and gain control of the Ukraine, this will change.
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