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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Ganado, Mar 28, 2018.

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    I think the worst inflation we will see for a long time happened under 0bama.
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    Absolutely. And please don't be fooled because this isn't what the economists and politicos will claim, either. If the gold standard is ever again re-adopted, it won't be to prop up an economy, it will only be superficial. As for Russia, depends on what little birdies you are talking to, but in the end it all comes down to corporate greed. These corporate factions (US/UK/EU vs. BRICS) aren't really fighting over these matters for the reasons we are being told. Behind the scenes in Russia we have the very same Monsters. Inc. board that runs things all around the globe, and the IMF and comptrollers behind the currencies really do have the final say. The BIS is still the top dog, and anybody who wants to play ball must be a part of it, no matter how much gold they store up, period. What's really going on is a push for global economic change, it's part of the plan, after all (and all parties are on board). If it's war they want, then it's war they will get, and profit no matter who wins or loses. Bring the U.S. economy down to a level that meets closer to that of the Central America, Canada, and S. American brethren and initiate a unified currency. Lots of opposition at this point...I wonder how much will remain after an economic collapse? You see, recessions and depressions are scientifically created, they're not accidental or conditions of turbulent political climates. The EU is failing miserably, nice to see the Queen and her ilk never actually being a participating member and now BREXIT there way to stage left before the fireworks begin. It's all staged, every part of it. Long thought out, planned to perfection. The "terrible, evil Russians are coming!" and queue reaction, now the solution. There's no such thing as political fighting, they are all inbred, greedy pigs and they believe they are better. The same people who funded the Bolshevik Revolution inspired and created the Zionist corporate empire in Russia we all hate so much. And isn't it just ironic to also find them holding the reigns of the Holy Triumvirate of the Vatican, UK and U.S. as well? Two classes of people exist, the "have's" and the "have nots", end of story.

    But, we can keep on believing this is all about gold and money and nations vying for supremacy if we choose. I mean, it is a damn good show either way.
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    Let's have a little fun.
    All the gold ever mined, somewhere around 190,000 metric tons.
    Price estimate, something like 40 million dollars per ton.
    The U.S. debt alone...reported to be about 21.4 trillion dollars. U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

    Now, do the math.

    You see, when they dreamt up the New Deal, they knew exactly what they were doing. All the gold in the world won't keep this juggernaut from sinking.
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    The math says make gold worth 100 to 500 million dollars per ton and then it works.
    But then we are still sunk because no one else printed money like us and they would only have to go to say 80 to 100 million max (equivalent in usd) to ballance with gold.

    The gold market guys say that the value of gold goes up 3 to 5 times over night if the US goes back on the gold std.
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    Point being, it always was meant to fail. And we're only assuming any math works with the valuation of gold at all because we've got to hold pretty darn near every last ounce for it to work, which isn't realistic at all.

    We cannot forget what debt really is. The United States, Inc. is in debt to a private banking cartel who owns the money. During the Civil War, Lincoln's Greenbacks were the only debt free currency we've ever had because it was authorized by Congress and printed without debt already assigned at face value plus interest. There was no interest, no debt to use the Greenback.

    As I said before, we're being purposefully robbed and led down this road tied to a leash headed toward the slaughter house.
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    You are completely right @Brokor there is not enough gold in the world to cover the debt load. So how do you think they are going to get rid of it? I don't think it's revolution, I think we will switch currencies. Once the USD is no longer the only trading $$ for oil, then the USD starts it's slide down the tunnel.

    We have to start somewhere getting people to think about asset backed currencies instead of fiat. Most people think they understand gold...its a place to start
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    ^^^ Nailed it.
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    I’m afraid we are in for some really hard times. Be ready.
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    I think that will happen when the free shit army elects the next socialist in chief.
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    Yes, it's a great place to start IF we were capable of sustaining a gold standard and IF we steered away from private banking. We must never forget this is exactly how the banking collective got a grasp on our currency in the first place. Back when the colonies paid their debts to the crown in Scrip, the banking families knew they couldn't create the necessary calamity (artificial scarcity due to "hoarding" and panic) in order to promote their agenda. It wasn't long before the King declared they would no longer accept Colonial Scrip as payment and would only accept silver. This eventually led to the utilization of gold because it's higher in value and far more scarce. The Great Depression due to the stock market collapse after margin loans were called in resulted in the total reformation of the banking system. At one time, more than 90% of all stock purchases were being made with borrowed money. FDR declared a bank emergency, asked Congress for unlimited power to do "what was necessary", got it, and then made it illegal for all citizens to own gold via utilizing the TWEA of 1917, amended to include all citizens to be classified as enemies to be regulated and punished. That very same bank emergency exists and the private banks are still in operation to this day and can only conduct banking business under the emergency. As a result, we could not operate under common law and they needed a codified legal system to regulate everything with it being unconstitutional and all. Hence, the "laws" we've come to know as coded corporate policies, the United States Code, Federal Reserve Code, Uniform Commercial Code, Internal Revenue Code, and every State Code.

    Moving back to the gold standard, like I said before, would only be superficial if it ever were to happen. There's no way the private corporate banking cartels would give up their massive holdings. The entire nation went insolvent, every shred of property including the citizenry became chattel property to be traded to the banking empire. The UN handles the arrangement through the IMF, and the World Bank and BIS rule the stage. The debt cannot be paid off, it was never meant to be paid off. It's a usury scam so massive it's unthinkable, really. I mean, we don't teach kids how the entire nation is actually indebted to a private banking consortium owned by private investors, and that list has been cloaked under national security for decades now. The real kicker is, the only one who can reverse all of it is the POTUS, and that's not gonna happen any time soon. Short of a violent revolution, there's no stopping this train. They can keep fooling the world with their phony investment schemes and selling debt as assets all they like until they get called on it by China or other nations who have been paying into this debt bubble in one manner or another. And when it all comes crashing down, they will get to slap another label on it and start all over again. Our businesses and our communities will be eviscerated, but the money masters are absolutely untouchable.
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    ... at the current dollar price for gold. There is always enough gold. The real issue is the price point.

    Russia, et al., are pushing for ditching the dollar because the USA has overplayed it's hand with the SWIFT system and economic sanctions.
  14. Brokor

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    Actors on a stage.
    You're watching a performance.
    And there's not enough gold in the world to cover the debt. But, there is enough lead...if you catch my meaning.
  15. pmbug

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    Not really. I mentioned the SWIFT system and sanctions as that's the issue which has really accelerated things in the last couple of years. This issue really took root circa 2008 when the banking system nearly crashed. I've been watching and chronicling this story ever since:

    Tin Foil Hats, Economic Reality and the Total Perspective Vortex - Precious Metals Forum

    Again, sure there is, just not at today's price point.
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    There is enough gold to cover world debt, if you make golds value increase 5x to 10x what it is now.
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  18. oil pan 4

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    The problem with PM enthusiasts is they are all betting on crazy high prices to happen really soon.
    I'm not betting on crazy prices anytime soon.
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    All of these payment "alternatives" and calls for a new international financial system have to be understood for what they are: The next phase in the globalists' long game. These new structures are not really alternative at all, and even if they genuinely do undermine the power of the US government they do not undermine the banksters' control over the system itself.

    I mean, come on. Does anyone really think that JP Morgan and Citibank are the valiant heroes standing up to Washington and its out-of-control sanctions? That President-for-Life Xi and Vladimir "Apartment Bombing" Putin are really going to be the saviors that will lead us to a new international order of peace and happiness for all?

    If so, you might want to check the reality on these feelgood stories about the "alternative" structures that are being created. Take the Chinese SWIFT alternative. Shortly after it went live it signed a memorandum of understanding with SWIFT itself to use the SWIFT network to transmit its messages. That's right, the Chinese "alternative" to SWIFT actually relies on SWIFT to operate!

    And the Russian alternative? It is a total mess. Expensive. Slow. Cumbersome. It is a pain in the rear to operate and the Bank of Russia's own internal report on the system admitted that "banks are not interested in using domestic services instead of the convenient SWIFT and they can only be moved to the SPFS by force."

    So if and when Germany actually follows through with its threat to create an alternative payment network, it is almost certain that it will be a watered-down payment channel that will probably rely on the SWIFT network to operate anyway. And even if a truly alternative inter-bank payment network were created, it would still be an inter-bank payment network. Not an open-source, permissionless, blockchain-based payment channel, open to everyone, but just another inter-bank payment network. Whoopie.

    This is the point that I always come back to. Whether it's the BRICS or the BRICS bank or the SWIFT alternatives or the petroyuan or the SDR or any of the other proposals for "fighting Uncle Sam's hegemony," it is always a way for the globalists to foist more regional "cooperation" on the masses and consolidate their control over the international financial system. As I've pointed out time and time and time and time again, the decline of the US and the death of the dollar is being engineered on purpose. The US is not supposed to maintain its supremacy in the 21st century.
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    The SWIFT system is being phased out. If you really want to know how money will be regulated international you might want to start reading the site
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