USAF loose nukes BS!!

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    Penned a post last night re: the story of a minot b52 landing at barksdale" "inadvertantly"with 5 live nuclear tipped alcm' s on the pylons.The airforce was said to be investigating the "Lack of control"...
    I prompty threw the bs flag on the newstory. I spent my first 4 years in The usaf as an afsc 463 nuclear weapon s tech on the agm 69a SRAM missile system at a sac base which has to remain nameless. I deleted it because of security details and not wanting to jump on the wagon of the latest round of "look at me" stuff.

    Well next day (tOday) and I ain't so simple after all ( think I called it right):

    Look at meeeee!!
    I'm a disco duuuck"....b::
    scary stuff here: They may have been ordered to abort or had an inflight emergency...:shock:
    The procedures inplace to move a weapon fron the Wsa (weapons storage area) to the flightline involves so many people indifferent capacities.
    warheads are moved around the country by heavily armed and supported in supersafe transport rigs(SSt"s). i'VE LOADED AND UNLOADED THEM.
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    From my friend, who is a Pilot...and pretty familiar with this:

    They were transporting the missiles on purpose, the missiles just weren't supposed to have the business end onboard.

    for at 20 years the air force had at least 1 squadron of armed B-52s airborne at all times, yup 24/7/365 and multiple squadrons sitting on the ground with their engines running armed and ready to scramble on a moments notice.... i can't imagine the amount of jet fuel used during that time...

    Mather and Castle AF bases in NORCAL were 2 of B-52 bases until they were closed in the 90's.

    Besides...I'm just waiting for them to show up on ebay... [angel]
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    Right crc,Think about what airborne alert means: one plane on station flying the"orbit. one onits way out, one on its way back. People don'T REALLY APPRECIATE THE TREMENDOUS EFFORTS OF THE COLD WARRIORS OF THE 50'S/ 60/70'S/80'S.
    however: airborne alert(flying live warheads) was stopped after the crash near Spain between a b52 and kc135 and a b28 "gravity bomb" went into the ocean,,,I was at mather, 320th bmw MMS 78-82..( Since they are long since closed, don't think confirming the historical location of "special weapons" can get my retirement revoked.)

    However sitting ground alert engines weren't running 24/7; 4 or 5 birds were"cocked " (loaded fueled ,with mission tapes loaded) on the alert pad the crews lived in the alert facility for weeks, at a time, the birds were set up for a cartridge start and airborne within 15 minutes of the alert klaxon.
    "peace is our profession"...b::agm69A had inert "s.l.t.p." ("simulated live traing payloads") ( inert diummy warheads) that match the weight and shape of real ,forflying and munitions training.. I'd imagine the alcm had the same and the W 80 fits inside the missile don't know if it can be seen without removing the access panel. Major paper work blunder in the WSA??? Guess anything's possible(?) Somebodies going to jail...
    castle buff crashed in a field on a minimum interval (mito) takeoff at mather about amile from our place in ranchocordova.
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    I must be slippin Tango... I saw that news story and my gov b.s. flags didn't even go up. Now that I think about it though, your right. Plane carrying nukes somewhere they're not supposed to has to land for whatever reason, and has to come up with an excuse why there are nukes on board..... ummm... it must have been a mistake, roight sah.

    p.s. I wouldn't be concerned with the "look at me" stuff. You've been around here long enough that everybody knows your not full of sh**.
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    I know T3...and it's not the first time either...

    There are some still "missing" from years ago..

    From 1958-1961 3 bombs were lost INSIDE the US and never found
    February 5, 1958, Savannah River, Georgia
    September 25, 1959, Off Whidbey Island, Washington
    January 24, 1961, Goldsboro, North Carolina

    this site gives a rather interesting listing of not only missing bombs but also "accidents" that happened....

    Another good friend...She's a Hurricane Hunter and said there was a very "spirited" discussion yesterday on this topic.....more to follow....when I hear from her.
    She's a little busy with Felix right now....

    Btw...she posted a cool video on flying in to Felix.....let me see if I can find it ......I'll put it where it's supposed to go rather than hijacking this.....

    (Now there's a first....)
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    [beer][beer]oh only half full? there I go not measuring up again! Ill work on it..
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    foosednow where did I leave them damned atomic bombs?
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    HEY; MUNITIONS CONTROL CALLED:did you guys ever pull w80#3125467 OUT OF #12876?They don't show a location or work order#???[dunno][dunno][banghead]:oops::oops:
    Hmmm no wmds over here..
    no wmds under there?
    Awright call security
    Get the keys and jacks we're gonna open
    structures 5,6and7...
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    The military is a large enouph entity that Im sure there are a lot of the WMDs that get lost, the main question being how long before noticed then how long spent trying to locate (CYA) before reporting then how long before confirmed it isnt where its supposed to be. Not that they actualy walk off or anything but kind of like a big national truck line my dad used to work for, they were constantly looseing semis and trailers. It wasnt that they were stolen or disapeared, it was that someone parked them in slot xyz instead of slot xzy and the paperwork said xyz. Now since they have say 5000 parking slot on the one lot and all of the trucks/trailers look alike it cant be located or they park a trailer at a customers dock to be unloaed and SNAFU, the paperwork gets lost some where along the way so now noone knows where it got left and its gone unless the customer calls and tells them to come get it out of the way. Of coarse if the customer tells them to get it out of the way then since the paperwork says they dont have one there they would likely be told it didnt exist.

    So basicly I COULD see a situation where some body puts the missle in the wrong slot (or pulls it from the wrong slot), screws up the paperwork and gets the wrong weapons or puts the ones that were supposed to be on plane A on plane B instead. Do I think thats what happened? Not buying it for a second, but likely where the 'missing' ones are at unless theres an unexplained glow someplace that we failed to mention.
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    paperwork is posible but its a leap,With the SRAM we were in the Imf ( integrated maintenance facility: "463" weapons techs, "324" misile techs and test equipment repair folks for the particular missile test station.)

    We would coordinate with security police, go down, authenticate, open the igloo pull the launcher on a trailer out, resecure reauthenticate, convoy the launcher back, hang the rotary launcher into an "I"- beam maintenance frame that takes the place of the bombbay. The sign outside the sliding blast door on the maintenance "high bay" is flipped open to read "no lone zone"

    And there WILL be TWO authorized people baby sitting the weapons at all times. unless it is secured behind two high security locks and alarms authenticated by a security policeman. then the building is "hot".. A "hot bay" is a big deal...I distinctly and clearly( redundant) remember the very first time I slid the blast door open and stepped in and there was a live rotary launcher with 8 missiles( an "8-pack") up in the frame.

    The missile boosters had brown stripes ( loaded)not the blue "inert" stripes I had been training with. Inside my head I literally heard the booming awwwwww sounds from stanley kubricks movie 2001 ASPACE ODYSSY... dese were fer real...

    when the aircraft landed at barksdale they may or may not have been prepared security wise to handle a nuclear loaded buff ,(I don't know if barksdale has an operational buff wing they were hq for 42nd air division or 8th Air force, don't remember which.)the aircraft would have been as roped off and a security policeman patrolled it, with deadly force authorised for stepping over the rope! Its a big deal....

    DOE AND DNA ( DEFENSE NUCLEAR AGENCY) DO PHYSICAL audits regularly, sac does stockpile inspections during Operational readiness exercises (Ori's)ori results are briefed all the way up the chain.

    ( more sac memories they were always big on slogans and the like, one year for maintenance they came up with "Pride" ( professional results in daily efforts)we came up with "SHAME"( Sh*tty-hALF-A**ED MAINTENANCE EFFORT)they didn't seem to appreciate thehumor..
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    Like I say, I dont come close to buyng that it was loaded out that way by accident, was just saying could see that being how 3 of them nationwide over a few decades.
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    No offense meant I'm just relating my experiences, like most of alex's hits there's alway s a surreal touch to his stuff....
    Finally got something I can talk on , don't wanna quit( stop me before I post again!![yack][smsh])...
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    I'd think ya would need to go through about 10 special clearance checkpoints before ya got nukes out of the bin.

    They were either headed to the theater or were meant to make the news to Sword Rattle to the world. We had Israel straffing Syria that next day and UK fighter planes playing cat and mouse with Russians that day as well.

    You cannot call this a mistake.
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    Oh I wasnt trying to stop you from adding insight on the topic at all, I wanted to clarify that I wasnt trying to say I thought that it was an accident, that I was only proposeing a possiblity for the missing ones or a VERY unlikely senario where one might slip by. My sumizations however dont have any background to base them on and are just guesses where you would have first hand experience in the area. I was actualy hopeing to see you take the senario appart to show HOW unlikely it would be like to get the planes being loaded out confused.
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    Finally All assets are there because they fill a spot in the "Siop"(single integrated opsplan) there are no extras,just laying around._EDITED... Pretty sure I am DANCING Too CLOSE to fouo. I'am (fairly) sure this kinda stuff is not secret ( but its been a rather fuzzy 25 or 30 years) or TS. I'm quitting before I find out the wrong way..
    I just find it hard to believe,but if the mistake was made
    in the initial paper work and everyone believed it was loaded with a simulated w80 shapes then all the subsequent security breaches don't mean a hill of beans. the shapes and trainers are unclassified.
    Wife says I need to get my head out of the 'net.
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    They were rotating the eggs for the big dinner
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