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    Interesting discussion regarding the use of force against an attacker at

    Always remember:
    1. The threat must be current, immediate, and unavoidable.
    2. Your level of force must be appropriate to the threat.
    3. Your use of force must stop when the threat ceases.
    If at any point you smudge the first, exceed the second, or forget the third, you are running the risk of a criminal indictment—and if the results are glaring (e.g., you killed him), it’s nearly certain.

    Only a victory on all four constitutes a true win:
    1. You must be able to perform
    2. You must defeat your opponent
    3. You must be cleared of all criminal charges
    4. You must be cleared of all civil charges
    Go to the website to read more.
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    BUMP .... use of force and deadly force

    This thread might well be served, posted somewhere other than the reading room.
    It does however rate a close read by one and all who carry weapons and are prepared to use them if they deem it necessary !
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    I was sent a small Phamplet titled "What Every Gun Owner Heeds to Know about Self-Defense Law" by Marty Hayes, J.D. The thing is published by Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network LLC....
    Looks to read pretty easy and gives the basics for the MOST common State Statutes. You really need to understand your particular State Statutes, that deal with this issue.
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    After a handgun incident, make sure your assailant is no longer a threat. Reload your weapon and holster it if you are no longer in danger, otherwise cover the assailant until police arrive. Call the police. Tell them: there have been shots fired at _______. I will stay here until the police arrive.

    IMMEDIATELY call your lawyer or wife/husband. Let them know what has happened and where you expect to be detained by the police. Have them meet you there - if it is your spouse, have them call your LAWYER.

    ONE very important part to remember. NEVER VOLUNTEER ANYTHING. What you say can and WILL be used against you in a court of law.

    Say the following to the police and ONLY the following: "My name is __________. I live at ______________. I will not say anything further until I have spoken to my lawyer."

    God bless.
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    Also say that you were in great fear. Then shut up.
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    Good addition ghrit. Added to my JIC script.
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    +1 on what Falcon15 says. Keep your mouth shut, do not answer any questions or make any statements to anyone. Watch this and remember: A lawyer explains why and a detective will show you why. YouTube - Dont Talk to Police
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