Use of Schools And Other Public Buildings During Civil Unrest

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    I've been reviewing my strategies for natural disasters and civil unrest,and my property is located within a few hundred feet of a large High School, really a large complex. While this may have benefits during natural disasters, I'm concerned about it's potential role during civil unrest, so basically opening up the discussion on how public buildings may be used positively and negatively during disasters or unrest.
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    Any gun free zones in your AO are targets :(
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    Schools are wide open, too many windows and doors, a warehouse could be better than a store would be just for the glass windows which would be open flood gates for looters. I would think that a jail might be the best option as they would be as difficult to break into as they would be to break out of, but then you would have the inmates to contend with. :D
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    I have seen schools used as shelters in the aftermath of damaging storms.
    After Katrina & Rita I wonder if once inside, would we be "allowed" to leave ?

    Occupying a police station might be problematic.
    They don't like to share and I prefer to enter and leave when I please.
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    Schools technically are used for staging grounds by TPTB traditionally during emergencies and I suspect the same for SHTF. The .gov already owns them so the property will not be contested. They have large parking areas, grass fields that can be set up with tent housing, most have larger generators, kitchen facilities, baseball fields usually have tall fences that could be used for open confinement with a small force... and so on.

    All schools in my AO are plotted on the maps and would be high on my list to "watch" if SHTF. If you see TPTB move into any of these areas and go active.... that would be some very good intel in regards to what level of response you will see in your backyard.
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    A bank building could be secure, but they tend to lack a good exit strategy......
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    No, banks are not secure, they are alarmed. On their own, it is not a strong building. My local bank just put in a dead man trap, with metal detectors and cameras. They want me to unload my pockets and belt of my work tools, I told them hell no! I don't have time for those silly games. I asked what they thought that would do? If I was to rob the place, I would simply drive a stolen car right through that plate glass picture window. All the trap does is piss off honest folk. They wave me through without delay now.
  8. 3M-TA3

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    The appearance of security is all it is. Makes some customers feel like they and their money is more secure. The rest of us are just annoyed.
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    One option that may be considered is the use of a suitably sited, traditional masonry, or bricks and mortar church as a refuge. Churches have traditionally been used as a place of refuge in turbulent times, often because they were designed and constructed for that eventuality.


    Fortress church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Many contemporary churches also have outbuildings with meeting halls, a manse, facilities for cooking and feeding, car parking and so forth.

    Because the property is owned by the church, and is supported by its local community, and because churches have traditionally been afforded considerable exemption from governmental regulation, it is less likely to be requisitioned by TPTB than say, a government school.

    In addition, churches have more should I say supernatural defences against werewolves, vampires and sundry demons...on the downside...the presence of crypts and church graveyards may add to the risk of attacks by zombies and the undead.

  10. Illini Warrior

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    why civil unrest? .... any major SHTF .... almost all civic/public buildings will either be an emergency center or used as a refugee shelter/camp .... there'll be FEMA managers backed up with military ALL over that area .... and the very first thing they'll be confiscating is any gun they see .... you'll be restrained from dealing with the poor suffering refugees and they'll have a full run to creep around doing whatever they feel ... just ask anyone from Houston that dealt with the NOLA Katrina bunch ...

    when you're bugging out or out & about post-SHTF you need to avoid any type of building or complex that will have roadblocks or guard perimeters .... you'll be lucky if they only search and confiscate .... you and your group might be interned or forced into a work detail - burying the dead or carrying epidemic victims will be death sentence ....
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  11. Witch Doctor 01

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    My concern would be repurposing a school to a shelter... when uncle sugar doesn't have enough food guess who will be on their list of first stops to find some.... (either the shelter management or new residents)

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  12. 3M-TA3

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    Or people needing re-education...
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