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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Use tax is truly a thorn in my side. While it is actually a regressive tax, it really ends up being another business tax. It's based on the honor system of reporting the purchases you have made either online, out of state, or locally and not taxes and, let's be honest, how man people report those purchases just to have the priviledge of sending a few more dollars off the our state governments. Businesses usually report, some at least, just to keep the spotlight off of us and triggering an audit.

    When was the last time you voluntarily reported an ebay purchase or a tag sale purchase. Shame on you if you can remember doing it.
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    Ah, don't worry, the tax man probably has an in with Ebay, Amazon, Overstock, Half and other online retailers.

    They are probably waiting until you've racked up a bunch of due use/sales tax and then hit you with interest and penalties to make it worth their time.

    The 200.00 due use/sales tax over maybe a year or two, slap on penalties and interest .. ShaZam 500 bucks thank you mr/mrs governor.
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    NC state tax form even asks if you bought any thing outside of NC.
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    When sales taxes hit the Internet in the next few years, my consumerism will die off. It is a matter of principle.

    If you look at how much we are taxed for every dollar we earn AFTER taxes...your tax rate probably jumps another 15-20%. That's bs.

    Washington needs to quit being such a parasite and learn to do more with less. The see tax breaks as "lost revenue." Given that the .gov does not generate any of its own money...and take in to consideration the way they spend, imagine the amount of money that must be taxed to feed this parasite.

    Enough is enough. We are about to hit a wall at 150 and it's going to be ugly.
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    If any of us took other people's hard-earned money by force and spent it like a drunken sailor in a whorehouse, we'd be imprisoned.
    Congress does it and it's 'taxes'....... [stirpot]
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    That's the Use Tax. If I go to MA or RI and buy something, I pay their tax but I'm supposed to report it to CT, pay tax to CT and file with MA or RI for a refund of the taxes I paid there. That sure is a big incentive for me to report the pair of jeans I bought at a RI store.

    I see the day coming when there will be a national sales tax and for a while, the state sales taxes will end but eventually, the states will reinstate a "small" 1% surtax. Before too long, this surtax will be insufficient to feed the over-bloated state budget and will inch it's way up.
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