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    OK, just got an OLD compound bow in a trade (found out it's like an early 80's model that is no longer being made). Now, I've shot a recurve bow before, many, many years ago, but never a compound.

    Any tips, tricks, etc.? Should I look for anything on the bow that should be replaced, upgraded?

    Can someone tell me how to use the sights that on the thing?

    I did a quick search of the interweb but couldn't really find anything usefull, guess I'll have to go to the book store and see what they have.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Congrats, welcome to the brotherhood of the bow. Or sisterhood in RH's case. You need to have the string looked at, as well as the cams. Make sure that none of the cables, cams (or pulley's depending upon how old the bow is) are frayed or have cracks. The limbs need to also be checked. The first thing I would do is take it into a bow shop, have them examine it, put a new string and peep on it, and get a little first hand instruction. It's a little easier to do in person than online. The sights, the little pins are usually set at 20, 30, and 40 yard marks, although some start the top pin at 10 and work their way down. When you pull the string back there should be a little round hole looking thing on it, that is called the peep sight. When you pull the string back, look through the peep hole and you will place the proper sight pin on your target. Then you will release. You will always want to hold your bow level, and achieve a good consistent anchor point on your jaw where your hand, or release will touch each and every single time. Do not grip the grip too tight, or you will torque your bow. There are a lot of things to work through, and I am sure that Quig would be a treasure trove of bow knowledge as he has been doing it for a lot longer than I. First thing, for safety's sake take it in to a bow shop and have them look it over. I would hate for it to blow up on you because of a crack in a limb. One other thing, whatever you do, DO NOT DRY FIRE IT. Do not pull the string back and let go without an arrow on the string. That can and has caused serious injuries, and it ruins a lot of bows.
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    OK, I took the bow to Sportsman's Warehouse today. Had a great guy look over the bow with me. It was actually quite interesting, he was totally deaf so communication was all done with pen and paper :).
    He said the bow is in great shape for it's age. They replaced the sights with more "updated" ones, although still old used ones, for free. He even sighted in 2 of the pins for me at 20 & 25 yds.

    Now, he did say that the draw weight was maxed out at 28# and that it would be good only for small game and "fun".
    I did "ask" lots of questions and got lots of answers and tips for when I start shooting it.
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    Glad you got some hands on help. 28# is really light. I used to shoot a 70 lb. bow, now I shoot between 62 lbs. and 60 lbs. depending upon which bow I am shooting. Archery is very addictive. Next thing you know you have a 3-D target in the back yard, then you are looking for an upgrade. Carbon arrows, fall away sights, single cam bow........oh wait, I must be talking about myself.

    Actually I bought a new Mathews Reezen 7.0 last week. I love it. I ended up getting it for 20% off the bow, and all of the accessories for 50% off since the Mathews dealer was going out of business. He was a Mathews top 100 dealer, but his wife was in very bad health so he had to sell out. So I loaded up at his expense. Reezen, Shaffer drop away rest, Viper sights, Alpine quick connect quiver, stabilizer, dozen Easton carbon arrows, Rinehart 3-D buck. I posted what I paid for everything on the Mathews board, and I had people telling me I "raped" the dealer. Evidently Mathews thought the prices were too cheap as they hard deleted the thread. :D The Reezen is the fastest single cam bow made, 340 IBO. Now mine is a little slower as I had to buy a 60 lb. since all of the 70 lb. bows were already gone, and the 7.0 is about 5 FPS slower than the 6.5, but it has a little smoother draw. Since I am just hunting whitetail, axis, and hogs, 60 is more than big enough. So far this thing is unbelievable.

    Trust me, archery is so very addictive.
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    Re: gan

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    the guy can't sight your pins in,they have to be set to your eye.shoot it and check them.
    i prefer a peep site on my string and shoot a release.i shoot 75lbs and it's easier to hold with the release.
    bow hunting is great,but you have to have to find a nock point(corner of mouth,cheek)and draw to the same place everytime to be consistent.there's also scouting,camo,scent control,tree stand placement,tracking, all you can.i'll answer any questions i can.
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    OK, FINALLY got out and shot the bow. HOLY CRAP I SUCK!!!:oops:

    I did manage to hit the target, though my "grouping" (if you call what I did grouping) was horrendous. Guess I can't expect to be perfect when I have never used a compound bow before.

    I also ONLY managed 7 shots before my should was too tired to pull anymore. Time to hit the gym.

    Oh, and I got one of those "release" things that you clip on the string and use to pull back with but using that I can't see through the peep hole, must be doing something wrong there.
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    Perfect practice makes perfect. The peep might not be aligned right for you, or you are not getting a good anchor point. The string should bisect your nose. It will take you a bit to build up the back, shoulder and arm muscles to let you shoot longer, especially with an older bow with lower let off. Keep practicing.
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    Forget the gym. Keep shooting the bow. You'll get used to it.
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    Naw, I need to drop a few (like 50) pounds anyway, so it's still off to the gym :D

    Ok, got out again last night :D. Shot 15 arrows, I was tired and could have kept going but I could tell that I was starting to loose my form a bit so I decided to call it quits.

    I did manage to shoot a 4" group with 4 arrows though, guess I'm doing something right :D

    Actually, I was consistent with all my shots, a tad low and to the left, when I go out next I'll adjust the sights.

    Weather permitting, I plan on shooting 15-20 arrows every other day.
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    uh oh, I did it now...[peep]

    Local Sportsmans Warehouse is going out of bidness. Bows were 25% off, guy behind the counter says, if you take this one today I'll give you 10% more off.

    Unfortunately they were out of 90% of the accessories for the bow, but I did get it.

    Now I got the summer to get ready for my first bow hunting season :D:D:D
  12. E.L.

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    So what bow did you buy?
  13. kckndrgn

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    It is a Parker Frontier bow.

    Still have to get sights, rest, and counter balance for it (SW was out of just about any and all accessories for bows)
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    Nice, take your time and look for sales on accessories, lots of people have to have the newest and the best. Some bow shops will even give you old parts people have taken off of their bows, that is what Gander Mt. did for me when I took my Martin in there, they gave me a set of sights that were about $80 if memory serves me correct. Someone had installed them, then brought them back for some reason or another. So they gave them to me for nothing. Keep your eye out, if I see any good or free deals I will let you know. There are two really good archery forums, and which is a mathews owned forum. There is a lot of good information on archery talk, but it is a really big site and like ARF it has it's share of a-holes who if you do not have the same bow they have then you might as well kill yourself in their eyes. Archery talk is dominated by Martin shooters, and Bow Tech shooters, and I really got tired of the politics so I switched to the Mathews forum even before I ever bought a Mathews bow. This forum is a lot smaller, but their people are top notch (remind you of another forum ;^) ) and regardless of what type of bow you shoot they welcome you, and encourage you to ask questions, because they have some great tech guys there. I have found it to be a excellent source of information and discussion.
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