Using a friction folder to light tinder.

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by sticks65, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. sticks65

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    Here Im using my JoelD friction folder to strike a ferro rod,the tinder is birch bark,then I use the same folder but this time im striking a piece of flint down the spine of the knife to get sparks to land on my char cloth.

    YouTube - Lighting tinder using the Joel Delorme friction folder
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  2. bnmb

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    Dude, you're good! Especially that knife-flint thing! I would have probably cut off my fingers! I subscribed to your chan!
  3. Brokor

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    Love it!
  4. melbo

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    I like it. Thanks sticks
  5. Seawolf1090

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    WOW! That would get a fire going in nothing flat! [applaud]
  6. sticks65

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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    I like the idea of being able to use a knife as your steel if needs be.
  7. sticks65

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    Thanks for the Sub Bro.:D
  8. tuxdad

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    Good stuff !!

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge !!
  9. sticks65

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    Thats what we are here for.[winkthumb]
  10. Falcon15

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    I use the spine of my knife as my steel always. I have a really inexpensive little KA-Bar folder that has a lot of utility uses but fire starting is #1.
  11. INRICK

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    good stuff mate hang in there.
  12. Huntinbull

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    Great video! Practice makes perfect. Actually perfect practice makes perfect. I once heard someone say "Ametuers do something until they get it right. The "best" do something until they get it wrong, then they figure out how and why it went wrong, then they do it some more."

    I teach Hunter Education classes here in Ohio and offer some basic woodsman skills training to some of my better students. You cannot imagine (or maybe you can) how many people just buy a flint and striker kit (or any piece of gear) and throw it in their gear or kit, and NEVER try to use it.
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  13. sticks65

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    Yep I have seen plenty of folks here in the UK do the same and then they wonder why its not as easy as the practiced make it look.

    Thanks for your comments.
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  14. sticks65

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    If there was a thanks button id have pressed it,thanks for your comments.
  15. sticks65

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    Thanks Rick and how is it going my ole buddy.
  16. cranky1

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    wow, that was great. you make it look so easy. i;m going out to practice now. thanks
  17. sticks65

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    Good luck and if it don't work the first time try try again.[beer]
  18. I try to square off the spine of all my knives so I can throw sparks from many ferro rods. All my folders are stainless so they won't work with flint and char cloth. Great post, thanks!
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