Using a Hiking Backpack As A Bug Out Bag

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  1. So I'm really getting into hiking I was hoping the osprey atmos 65 i ordered will work for a bug out bag as well any thoughts
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    Depends on your routine, your body size, needs and environment. If it works for you, all the better.
    Here's a link to a long term test/review: Osprey Atmos 65 Long Term Test. | Outside Cincy

    I will also tag this thread to show relative links on the subject at the bottom of the page, too.
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    For a general bug out bag that's fine but think twice over the idea of an INCH bag .
    Consider the distances you might be required to travel , and worst case scenario for weather an social conditions to deal with .
    When ever I leave home I consider the distance ,direction and time it will take to walk from where I"m headed and add or remove what's applicable to the task .
    Today I went to San Diego about 60 miles from home . My BOB goes with me every where every day ,a Swiss army computer bag .
    In the event of an EMP and I'm on foot, and the likely hood of rain is expected, so I am prepared to walk in the rain 60 miles if necessary . 3-4 days .
    If there is an EMP my electronics will be useless so it is cast off and the collapsable water bottles are filled immediately before the system is drained if possible . the sawyer filter will have to suffice as required along the way.
    I have map and compass so that if I have to leave the highway it's no big deal. it just takes longer . I keep a trash bag handy in the event I have to cover my stuff or float things / clothes and bag, across a water way.
    It wold be impossible to cary a INCH bag every where but that is set up at home and RTG
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