Using a Pressure Cooker as an Autoclave to Sterilise Surgical Instruments (and other things YMMV)

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    Can You Use a Pressure Cooker as an Autoclave? Science Says Sure, in Some Situations - The Microbial Menagerie

    How to Sterilize Autoclavable Materials at Home Using a Pressure Cooker

    NB: There are some risks in using this method of sterilisation, particularly operator error, lack of supervision, and equipment failure. Probably for austere circumstances, when other options are limited.
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    Sounds good to me. better than nothing.
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    Yes, but care must be taken here! Get one of those racks that fits the bottom of your pressure cooker and only fill with water enough to just cover the rack! Run it till the steam starts to fade off, and remove from the burner immediately and wait till the pressure drops to safe levels! DO NOT handle the freshly cleaned and steamed product with out fresh gloved hands, or even better cleaned and sterile stainless tongs! Transfer immediately to a seal-able plastic bag and close it up tight!

    You can add a few drops of Iodine and vinegar to your water when boiling, it will help kill off more bugs quicker and prolong storage life!
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    Pretty much any mesh bag, especially those for female unmentionables will work here very well!
    A big rice steamer, or commercial grade veggies steamer will also work! The whole trick is to get actual steam for a min of 2 min! Then drying while remaining sterile, which is the harder trick!
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    A rice steamer does not work ! A pressure cooker works by higher pressure at aprox 29 psi the temp inside is 248 F the rice cooker from 212 to max 218 F. A real steam sterilizer.Autoclaves use steam heated to 121-134 °C (250-273 °F) under pressure.
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