Using an antler for knife handle

Discussion in 'Blades' started by twoshotc, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. twoshotc

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    I have put blades and antler handles together many times but I ran out of antlers for a knife I will make for a grandson. I was in Pet Smart and saw a piece of antler that is the right size for the knife I am planning on making. I brought it home. It is very dry and bleached out. I wondered if anyone knows of something I could put on it to renew the dried out look. Maybe an oil of some type?
  2. -06

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    It is basically calcium so seems any natural oil would work. Some seal them with poly urethane after highlighting the crevices.
  3. KAS

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    that wrangler star dude on the youtube puts boiled linseed oil on ever dam thing he touches i dont know for what but i think this guy bathes in it!!!

    Try it and let me know what you come up with !!!!

    Funny you ask this cause i just got a whole shit load of antlers from a guy yesterday that have been sitting in the back of his truck for a while ....{Because im a horderrer}
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  4. twoshotc

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    So boiled linseed oil may work- is that a "natural oil" ?
  5. Sapper John

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    Yes, it is a vegetable oil made from Flax.
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  6. KAS

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    i have no clue but wranglerstar would definatly put it on there somewere ...
    Please try it and keep us posted on how it works ..!!
  7. oldawg

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    Yep, boiled linseed oil works well on about any porous natural surface. Cheap and available at any paint or hardware store.Tool handles too. Keeps them young and way fewer splinters than letting them weather. Treats canvas but never used it on synthetics so can't say about that.
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  8. kellory

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    Linseed oil was used to preserve masts and spars of sailing ships, as well.
  9. Snake_Doctor

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    You're a blade smith? What steel do you prefer?
  10. AndyinEverson

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    Leather dye works well too....
    Oops...just saw the dates on the replies 2014 ...sorry for bringing up an old post...:oops::D
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    Don't be sorry Andy. The tree is gaining Monkeys near daily. Most have some Knowledge but are open to learning more and gaining more skills. Lot of good info in most of our old post that benefit the younger converts. And you just added good info to one of those posts.
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  12. AndyinEverson

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    Well in that case....
    I have also had good luck using a walnut dye...that was sold to reenactors to dye a shirt and such....
    Can't remember the name of that particular sutler or dye...but there is lots of them out there...or you could make your own walnut dye:
    1 bushel walnuts with hull ( soft hulls )
    2 cups isopropyl alcohol
    5 gallon kettle and firewood

    Fill the kettle with the hulls and water
    Simmer hulls until hulls are completely broken down
    ( this can take several hours )
    Add water to replace water evaporated during this rendering
    Two gallon of rendered dye is what this should produce
    Allow the dye to cool
    Draw dye from the kettle...straining solids
    Store in canning jars
    Add 2 shots of alcohol to each jar
    ( prevents mold during storage )
    Recipe per Steven M. Lalioff
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    Thread was featured yesterday. Sure glad it was featured because you have added valuable info to the thread. Your post above is stuff that is good to know.
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  14. AndyinEverson

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    Thanks Motomom34....
    The knife in the picture , has leather dye "painted" on to follow the knobs and bumps to bring out the texture of the antler.
    I'll get a better picture of just the knife , when I ain't feeling so lazy...:D
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  15. Zimmy

    Zimmy Wait, I'm not ready!

    What's the best way to mount the antler?

    Can I just heat up the Tang and push it into a predrilled undersized hole in the antler? I've seemed to have the idea from somewhere the center of the antler will melt and reharden to affix the two together.
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  16. arleigh

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    It would be wise to practice/learn on something that is expendable before you do it on something valued .
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  17. AndyinEverson

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    For putting on an antler handle :
    I have found that it works best , for me , to :
    Cut the slabs , shape to fit , drill a hole for the pins , epoxy the antler , then set the slab on the tang , pin in place.
    If using a "round" , I'll drill a hole for the tang , drill a hole for a pin...epoxy in the hole , slide in tang , pin in place
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