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    Saw this on a another forum thought the squids here might like a look see at it.[W1]
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    Yep. Truths.
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    On shore in the Army those kind of guys formed us and made us proud of ourselves when we met their expectations ( seldomly)
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    Every word gospel truth.

    Chief (PO) Jones, my mentor, my curse, my friend. You are missed but not forgotten. Be assured, I won't salute you when I see you in the after-time, because you'll kick my ever-loving rear-end past the moon and back. Thank you for taking a boy that was and making him the man that is.
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    Senior Chief Neil K. Normandin was my old "Seadaddy" on the fine little USS Ainsworth, FF1090 in the early eighties. He fit this article to a "T"......
    Once a young Ensign made the mistake of telling the Senior Chief that he (The Senior Chief) didn't know how the radar worked! Hell, the man literally wrote a part of the book used in the Tech School! I could tell him the symptom of a problem, he'd tell me excatly which component was bad! And he'd be spot on!
    Well, the two of them were in the radar room, and we dogged down the hatch and left them. Five minutes later the hatch opened, and that now-white Ensign left..... and NEVER said a cross word to the Senior Chief again. We sailors thought we could cuss - we learned some new words that day...... [js]

    He was a crusty old squid, and we'd have stormed the gates of Hell for him, and keel-hauled old Satan himself.......
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    Thanks Quig. Brought tears to my old eyes. USN 65'-69'
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