USS Carl Vinson returns home......

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    In the early 80s when I reported aboard my Navy frigate, in the "Horne Brothers Shipyard" in Virginia, we could see the brand spanking new USS Carl Vinson, super carrier, being finished a short distance away.

    Now, nearly thirty years later, she returns home from deployment after a most historic voyage that saw the death and burial-at-sea of Bin Laden. Those sailors deserve some downtime, and being with their families. Deployments are always hard on families.
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    this is a trip down memory lane. i was on the kennedy in 83 and one of my best friends just transfered from the carl vinson. i still remember his name and face to this day. welcome home.
  3. Seawolf1090

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    While in the shipyard, we were supposed to get a new EW Suite to replace our older-tech unit. They went to the Carl Vinson instead, and we finally got our units next refit......

    A Super Carrier trumps a mere Frigate anytime! [LMAO]
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    Amen and +1 for da wolf...

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    Some trivia for you Monkeys: the USS Carl Vinson was used in the making of the film "Behind Enemy Lines."
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