Utah to seize lands from the Federal Government.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Kingfish, Feb 4, 2016.

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    It is State land to begin with. Many States have relinquished the land to the Feds out of convenience... A poor choice.
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    Any other sources for this?
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    I like it.
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    And this:

    Utah Transfer of Public Lands Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This is a case of a done deal, which the Feds are trying to renege on.

    Apparently the Mormons were smarter than the Feds 122 years ago, so the Feds don't have a leg to stand on now.

    Go, Utah!

    What happens in three weeks may ease the situation somewhat in OR.
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    Texas and Oklahoma are also in a battle over land along their borders with the feds. My initial interest is this, could disputes over land be the catalyst that starts the second revolution? I am not sure and am going to watch this. here is some more fuel on this fire.

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    The environazis are mad, it must be true! There is also a link to give the Gov kudos... Of course they want you to yell at him ;)
    Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
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    AAhhhhhh.... a bunch of the pages are missing. This is just a conspiracy theory and I hope the fools get murdered like they did at the Bundy Ranch in NV and OR. After all, anyone who wants to own their own land deserves to be Wacoed :rolleyes: just like some here keep posting.
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    The wiki link says that as of december 2015 the feds have not responded and Utah has not filed suit

    As of December 2015, Utah has not yet filed suit to attempt to carry out the state law and the Devallier Law Group believes the Federal government is likely to "vigorously oppose" any lawsuit that Utah might bring, and would be expected to "use every legal means to stop it."[2]

    So it is a done deal but not at the Federal level. Utah passed the bill and the Governor signed it. Now in a couple weeks he will try and enforce it.
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    If the Federal government has the right or power to redefine the borders of a state then States have no sovereignty at all--they become mere provinces, which is exactly what the Fed wants. As in NO States and exactly SIX Provinces.
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    Yup, the gov't has divided the US into six regions (go look at a FEMA map) and once state rights are completely gone, that is what it will be. Look at Agenda 21 at the UN.
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    The FEDs tried this BS, with the Mormons before, and the Mormons kick the US Army's ASS, to the point where the Army, dang near Starved to Death.... The FEDs better not try it again.... or the same thing is likely to happen. AGAIN.... That is one bunch you do NOT mess with.... They are Organized, ARMED, and Know how to Shoot.... and MANY are Ex.MILL....
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    Our office appreciates hearing from constituents and your comments and opinion regarding this issue have been noted. Representative Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz, as well as Senator Mike Lee, are sponsors of the Public Lands Initiative, which is supported by Governor Herbert. Additionally, the state is considering litigation, and continues to discuss and negotiate with the federal government. For more information, you can visit utahpli.com. These lands will remain public lands, however the Governor believes the state is in the best position to manage these lands effectively and efficiently.
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