Utility of APRS in Survival and SHTF Communications

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by 3M-TA3, Oct 22, 2015.

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    Still new to the much larger than expected world of HAM communications, and wrapping my brain around APRS. I see some pretty nifty applications, but how can APRS be useful in survival and SHTF scenario? For example, can it be used to provide secure communications, or could it potentially narc out out by constantly sending a stream of data including your GPS position?

    I like BTPost's map application here: Installed Kenwood TM-D710a in our Red Toyota 4X4 Truck... | Survival Forums

    APRS Information:
    APRS: Automatic Packet Reporting System
    Automatic Packet Reporting System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    It is the Operators choice if they want to Beacon Tx, or NOT.... I usually do NOT Beacon Tx but do listen on the APRS Simplex Frequency, to see who is around. APRS has a complete Messaging System, built-in, and could be encrypted, or used to send OnePAD Messages, in a SHTF Senerio... (No .GOV left)
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    Or if you don't wish to have the location capability, just use packet. Basically the same thing, but no locating/web access built in. (Automatic and Reporting not present ;) )
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    How would you leverage APRS for a survival or SHTF scenario? What features would make a difference and be worth the extra cost and complexity?
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    The only extra cost and complexity I see (compared to packet) is a GPS...which I wouldn't want broadcast anyhow. BTW, a GPS is not required to use APRS...you can set the software up with a static set of coordinates (can even be false)...so really, there doesn't have to be any extra cost compared to any other digi modes...
    ...unless I'm reading this the wrong way :eek:
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    So put your question in the context of the thread we had several days ago about going after a family member... If you gave the loved one (say a kid at college with no car) a radio like the Yaesu VX-8GR, all the kid needs to do is turn on the radio and activate the APRS and you have a homing beacon to find and retrieve them. Keep in mind that any significant disaster (like the bridge collapse in Minnesota a while back) results in so much cell phone traffic the cell network becomes unusable by normal folks, only those with priority access can get through. And these scenarios are more likely than EMP, I experienced cell outage for several days just due to a record flood near me.

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    I was involved ( to a minor extent); in helping to send rhino GPS units to some troops. (privately)
    Because, the rhino GPS units all can locate each other on the GPS maps, as long as their locator is turned on.
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