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  1. Tango3

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    700 architechs nand structural engineers requesting new investigation of 911 on the msm![dunno]they're just asking questions.

    Steel structures don't just fall in to their own footprints with out help. nor do you get molten pools of steel lingering for weeks .[dunno][dunno][boozingbuddies]
  2. dragonfly

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    The implications, (if anyone dare imagine them) would be as catastrophic as was 911.
    I forsee some severe 1 car accidents, and heart attacks in the near future for this man and others....
  3. Tango3

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    buschco will be laying low in paraguay ( do we have an extradition treaty with paraguay?)Do you think that would get peoples attention if demolition inconjunction with the crashes was ever proven?
    Planes hit the towers ( of this I have no doubt).I doubt whether tremendous steel structures would collapse vertically without tilting off center to any side whatsoever without engineering help.
    Every one of those" breaking beams had to go evenly and in conjunction with its mates on each of 110 floors. and what of the massive vertical cores?firefighter on interview mics heard "booms" and explosions from the street.??
    ??I dunno but it looks fishy.:oops:[peep][peep][peep]
  4. dragonfly

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    Having worked in military demolitions and with varied specialized charges and even thermite, there is a distinct possibility, (actually more than a possibility), that this was NOT just an act of terrorism on behalf on those inside those aircraft.

    In fact: It takes a team and a precise engineer to fall a building like those you can find on the internet, being demolished in say for instance: Las Vegas.
    It is highly unlikely, (impossible), that the amount of heat generated from JP-4 or JP-5 jet fuels burning, could ever reach the temperatures needed in the first place, and the "odds" of ALL supports being equally heated and collapsing in precise synchronization is un-estimable. ( 999 trillion to one?)

    Now, the hard part to fathom, is the third building, which was NOT touched by any aircraft, nor affected by the fire, and it some distance away.
    How and why this building fell is very suspicious, in regards to any other circumstances. ( this was NO accident! )

    In fact, it had to be "An ACT of God", or Man. ( and I suspect God had no interest at all in this !)
    There were an awful lot of individual videos shot on that day, by a lot of people, from many varied walks of life.
    Few I suspect, were able to "manipulate" a video shot on a cell phone's camera.

    So, It leaves OPEN a door with a lot of un-answered questions, and up until I actually, this very evening, took the time to watch this video you provided, I was "content" not to ask questions, and I was one of the many that "was pre-disposed" to referring to the others as "conspiracy theorists" and yes even "NUTS"!

    Having worked with a lot of metals, done heat treating, tempering, and welding....
    I am now truly concerned.
    ( I am physically sick to my stomach as I write this here)

    The video pointed out a few things I was not aware of, until it came to light.
    I never was aware of that 3rd building, ( I must have dismissed the WHOLE) as an act of terrorism.
    I had heard "rumors" about the molten metal, but "assumed" ( yeah, I got bit by that one again!) the metal referred to was under the twin towers....not someplace else.

    I had also heard "rumors' about the use of thermite....
    Now, I believe it was used, and having taken a bit of time to look at the photos, taken of beams "sliced" diagonally.
    I am completly convinced this was NO accident, nor is it remotely feasible, nor possible, to have this happen by any known fire, outside of a cutting torches capacity, a Dupont made thermite ribbon/paste, or by man.
    No known fire would create such an acute angle, and precise cut in a beam.
    It had to be "focused" and concentrated.
    In my "personal and professional" opinion, this is much more than a tragedy.
    I'll pray I am WRONG and that I am self delusional....
    I really will.
    I am very afraid of what the consequences and ramifications of this could and will create for the American Public, not to mention the rest of the world, as they see us.
    Lord help us.
  5. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Wow.. Thje 45 degree cut picture set me off a few years ago until my wife asked :" Well when was it taken?"
    was it cut by the cleanup crew??"And I did not know; but that seemed possible.

    No offense but I didn't think anybody hadn't heard of wtc 7. Which by the way didn't recieve a single mention in the comittees report!
    There are pictures about of vehicles with the paint burned off of 1/2 (nose of the car is burned but rear passenger doors are fine which implies some kind of high energy flash.Think the kennedy assasination conspiracy theorists can get deep ? Look into this and there are just too many connections to ignore.

    We are seeing the ramifications , IMHO we are marching steadfastly away from a representative republic. And into the arms of a(communist) chinese style peoples "democratic" republic of America. Hell people still vote in dictatorships. Under the guise of keeping us "SAFE" FROM "TERRORISM"... but I can be a bit of an alarmist, jumping to conclusions.
    I don't know what the real story is but I'm quite sure there's more to it than "Osama bin laden".
  6. Clyde

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    Have the released the Alien data yet? Ground control to Major Tangobot......Ground control to Major Tangobot........(whoosh of rocket engines)

    Is our Tangobot sitting in a tin can
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    And there's nothing he can do--o-o-oooo-ooo
  7. Tango3

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    "EEEEEEYYYAGA1 I LEFT MY PROTEIN PILLS IN MY LOCKER AT THE CAPE!!!!" Turn this Tin can around!" OOhh hey, zero gee is niiiiiiice.... :)
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    and the nation wants to whos shirts you wear...
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    Ground control to tango-bot your sources

    there's something wrong.
    Can you here me tango-bot?
    ()love 'dat song!:)
  8. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

  9. Blackjack

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    Tango, I've kinda given up hope that whatever the truth behind 9/11 is, will come out. I can't swallow the official explaination, there are too many inconsistencies and questions that are not just unanswered but that nobody is even willing to answer.

    Since we know the gov wouldn't lie to us, I guess we'll just have to accept that.......

    A religious fanatic rode a camel to a cave where he orchestrated the worlds most successful terrorist attack, thousands of miles away, where several piss-poor amateur pilots hijacked 4 of the worlds most advanced jumbo jets, and flew them into buildings striking an astonishing 3 out of 4 of their targets with pinpoint accuracy resulting in not only the first case ever of a steel skyscaper collapsing in on itself from "heat stress", but also 2 neighboring buildings doing the same things even though one was barely damaged.

    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
  10. Cephus

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    It can be argued by both sides for at least 50 years with nothing changed
    there still people that believe that JFK was killed from the grassy knoll
    even though they took 450 shooters and proved that all the shots came from one man that happened to be left handed .

    Now that is still up for debate .

    So I'll just go along with the guy that says he did it .
  11. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    "Still got tha' shovel"!:D:D
    (Nominated for"best line in a recent movie that
    made you spew coke and popcorn"!!)...
  12. Cephus

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    Shooter :::::::::::
  13. Clyde

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    I don't believe the truth will ever be allowed to be told. It is all left up to internet speculation. The .gov would much rather have us arguing about 9/11 than who BHO is handling the hammer and nails as he pounds the death nails of this nation into the USA coffin.

    We will be left hearing how he inherited the mess......well, you don't fix a mess by taking a shit the size of texas in the middle of the mess. Debt + Debt + as much debt as has been created in the past 80 years = Disaster.

    When the government gets involved and a narcissist takes the helm, get out of the way. The smoke and mirrors are back in action.
  14. QuietOne

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    Note that building 7, which was hit by nothing except some falling debris, also fell into its own footprint soon after the owner of the World Trade Center was recorded as saying "pull it". Wonder what would have been found in that building if it hadn't collapsed? Demo charges? My tinfoil hat is overheating...
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