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    I've recently been caught up in the lightweight AR craze. I was shooting with Mrs Gunbunny, each of us shooting our AR's, when I noticed how much lighter her rifle was. Yes, I built it, but I didn't really play around with it too much; it's hers.

    The 'Wifle' has a regular A2 (gasp) upper and a lightweight pencil barrel, and an ultra short "entry stock" that is a bit lighter than a regular A2 stock. It is truly lightweight, and very simple in respect to most AR's I see these days.

    My AR is quite a bit heavier, although it is still a 16" carbine. I've been looking at how to lighten it up in the last couple of weeks, and I've researched quite a bit. There are people out there making sub 5lb rifles from stock parts!

    One of the companies I've ordered parts from as of late is a company called V7 Weapon Systems V7 WEAPON SYSTEMS I have several of their lightweight parts- the forward assist, port door assembly, magazine release, aluminum takedown pin set, and rear QD endplate.

    I was a little hesitant to add these parts in aluminum, due to the question of their longevity. Aluminum isn't the strongest of metals. So, I ordered a few parts at a time, starting with the takedown pin set. If aluminum can handle the stresses of sliding in and out of the aluminum receiver halves without galling, then I was sold.

    The 7075 T6 aluminum these parts are made from are not soft. The pins have taken the forces and loads placed upon them repeatedly, without even leaving marks on the surface coating. No galling, no scratching. Satisfied, I ordered the forward assist assembly. This is a nifty little piece, being crafted from mostly aluminum with steel inserts where it comes in contact with the bolt when pressed. I have yet to scratch it's surface coating, too.

    I know these parts aren't going to save me a large amount of weight. I'm systematically replacing heavy parts with lighter ones, and eventually I'll either run out of money, or I'll have a very light AR. I've been looking into getting a lightweight bolt carrier, but I am just a little too hesitant to make that jump; I've been reading too many reports that they are ammunition specific for proper function.

    I think I'll stick to the standard weight carrier assembly and concentrate on other spots, like my handguard. I have a Troy Industries (Before they hired Horiuchi) TRX rail because I love the slim grip. It is the rifle length rail over a stainless steel Adams Arms M4 16" barrel, and I would like to go back to a carbine length rail. However, they changed the barrel nut system on their TRX rails, and I can no longer find any of the old rails. It's a shame, because I think this would shave a few ounces, and I really like the system.

    If I had to do it over again, I'd start from the ground up with a matched set of receivers from MAG Tactical HOME | MAG Tactical Systems and continue from there. I like my barrel, but Noveske makes some nice barrels- Rainier Arms™ | Browse | Noveske | Noveske N4 Light 5.56MM Barrel - 16 LP like this one.

    Viking Tactics makes a handrail based on the design of Troy's TRX, but it seems that they are not using the same barrel nut as Troy Ind did. VTAC Alpha Rail- 7 inch Is the size I would get this time around, as 3 3/4" less rail has to take some weight off and still maintain the modular diversity of loads that I like.

    There are some things you cannot change- like the amount of ammunition you carry in a magazine, or your H2 buffer for more reliable performance. At the end of the day, I would rather have an AR hanging from my neck and shoulder that is a one and a half to two pounds lighter.
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    Damn, just saw, last night, where someone was making a billet aluminum adjustable stock......but damned if I can remember the company name, or where I saw it!
    My memory, these days = [notworking]

    Have you considered tying some helium balloons onto the rifle?? [ROFL]
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    Thank goodness for e-mail, it remembers stuff better than I do! LOL

    Saw this on thefirearmblog.com, last night. The company's website is here: Modular Billet Stock

    According to the info posted on the firearm blog page (which I can access from work, but can't access the company page...go figure!), this billet modular stock weighs in right at 1 pound. Just for sh*ts & giggles, I checked the Magpul page, and their ACS stock weighs in at 1.14 pounds.....so this would be a slight savings in weight, at most.

    Seeing as it's all aluminum, I would hope it would be fairly robust, but haven't had a chance to check that out yet. It had better be, since these things go for ~$250, versus the $100-ish price tag of the Magpul ACS stock!
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    I'll be honest, I don't think I've ever seen a good quality aftermarket style stock like a Magpul or B5 Systems break. And the weight savings on the B5 Systems is significant over the one you listed (11.5 ounces for the SOPMOD, 8.25 for the Bravo). And the Magpul site says the ACS is .88 pounds (14 ounces). Both serious enough weight savings over a billet aluminum.

    To me, there are certain items that can be made from polymer on an AR with no trouble like the stock, pistol grip and trigger guard. And the need for metal on something like the areas I mentioned is not necessary in my opinion. A billet aluminum stock is nothing more than a novelty and pardon the expression, a trick waiting for a sucker.
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    If I had the money to build a complete lightweight AR from the ground up and shave as much weight as possible while still keeping performance in mind...

    Aero Precision upper minus forward assist
    BCM Extreme lightweight barrel (mid length, .625 diameter)
    V7 titanium gas block
    Rainier Arms Mini Comp
    BCM KMR10
    Standard charging handle
    FA BCG (add weight, but for reliability)
    Magpul MBUS front and rear BUIS
    H Buffer (again, reliability)
    Springco Blue action spring
    V7 57 degree safety selector
    7075 receiver extension
    V7 castle nut and endplate combo
    V7 ultralight pivot/takedown pins
    V7 ultralight mag release
    ALG QMS trigger
    Magpul MOE trigger guard
    B5 Systems Sopmod Bravo stock
    Aimpoint H-1 Micro w/ Daniel Defense riser mount
    And any decent forged lower

    Omitted the dust cover on purpose.

    ETA: Forgot about a pistol grip. Ain't nobody got time for that!

    Seriously...pistol grips are something they've never really done anything lightweight with. And can't really except for the standard A2 which I hate. So I'd have to say a BCM Gunfighter or Ergo Ambi for the grip. No weight savings, just comfort.
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