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    Vale Jack Thomas Chick (April 13, 1924 – October 23, 2016): Making Christianity look silly since the 1960's

    No doubt about Jack Chick, he has made a very singular contribution to Christian literature, ever since he started publishing his cartoon religious tracts. Jack Chick - RationalWiki

    My personal favourites are "Dark Dungeons" Dark Dungeons The Escapist - Jack Chick's Dark Dungeons

    A Fearmongering Anti-RPG Comic Gets the Film Adaptation It Deserves

    and Doom Town Doom Town

    Without a doubt, Jack was not stinting in his evangelistic bigotry against catholics, freemasons, jews, muslims, evolutionists, communists, homosexuals, and,.... gasp...., D&D RPG afficionados. :eek:

    May he enjoy the kind of Hades he sought to scare the hell out of others with...he is a fitting resident among the denizens of the darkness of his own imagination.[reddevil]
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