Vale John Clarke Kiwi (by birth)/Australian Comedian (by adoption)

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    Never heard of him till now, but always loved the English wit and humor. Think ,Monty Python.
    It's a sign of the times, more funerals, less marriages.
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    I don't think John Clarke was much of a global phenomenon, but he had a nice way of distilling the hypocrisy of all points on the political spectrum, and making acerbic, wry commentary as appropriate.
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    "Why is the American economy doing well?"
    "It's own by China of course."

    I'd laugh but that is too true. There are NO steel companies in the US that can build a battle ship, when the US wants to build one we IMPORT THE STEEL from China! All (or near enough) gold, silver and copper mines are owned by China, China owns HI, Hongcouver, BC, the west coast, and GM (paid cash for it by the way. Literally walked in with suitcases full of money and bought it.) China owns more of the US national debt that all they have to do to win any war is quit buying or dump the debt on the open market and we are SOL. The US dollar would be worth less than a decent roll of toilet paper. Literally.
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    The toilet paper would represent real wealth....:rolleyes:
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    My point exactly. Paper money doesn't even make good toilet paper. In 1913 a $100 bill bought 5 oz (5 $20 gold pieces of 1 oz each) as pointed out in the photo section. That is $8885 (varies depending on what day it is). In 1958 (if memory serves) minimum wage was $1.25. That was five silver quarters, worth (at $15/oz for silver) $!8 or so. As I keep pointing out (and keep getting told to stop pointing out) it is not WAGES that are the problem, it is the MONEY that is the problem! Due entirely to the private banking concern known as the "Federal Reserve", that is NOT federal and NOT a reserve!
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