Vandals hit Bruce Lee statue in Bosnia

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    MOSTAR, Bosnia-Hercegovina (AFP) - A new statue honouring late martial arts legend Bruce Lee was vandalised hours after it was unveiled in this southern Bosnian city, police and witnesses said.

    "We have received reports that the statue has been damaged. We are currently investigation the incident," a police officer in Mostar said.

    The life-size bronze statue of the kung fu cinema icon in a defensive position holding nun chucks, part of kung fu equipment, was unveiled during an emotional ceremony here Saturday.

    The chain and one of the nun chucks' sticks were missing and empty wine bottles were scattered around the statue in a city park, according to an AFP reporter.

    Several dozen citizens gathered in the park on Sunday morning and expressed their disgust.

    "It is a crime!" said one.

    "Once again we've shown what Balkan savageness is!" lamented another in disbelief.

    The park's nightkeeper, Veljo Dojcinovic, told AFP he saw a group of teenage hooligans entering the park in the middle of the night.

    "I heard a loud bang but I was alone and I couldn't stop them. Police should have been more agile. They know that hooligans visit this park regularly," he said.

    Lee was chosen as a hero that all ethnic groups could relate to in a city that remains bitterly divided after fierce fighting between Croats and Muslims during the country's 1992-95 war.

    In a rare show of unity some 300 Bosnian Croats and Muslims attended the unveiling ceremony.

    "Bruce Lee 1940-1973. Your Mostar" is the only text written on the base of the statue.

    Earlier Sunday a bronze statue to the late martial arts legend was unveiled in Hong Kong in a ceremony on what would have been Lee's 65th birthday.
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    Did the statue hit back? :lol:

    "Bruce Lee 1940-1973. Your Mostar" - WTF is that? Mostar? Is that anything like "Mojo"? :eek:
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    Movie star, I think. [dunno]
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    Well, that is par for the course. When I was in Kosovo, they dedicated a new helipad for the hospital in Gilani. Embedded in the concrete were two brass coins from the Commands that sponsored the helipad. They were inset into the concrete and under a plexiglas window. The little @#$^&*ers chipped the coins out with a prybar before the dedication even took place.
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    The brass probably looked like gold to the theives. o_O
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