Gear Review Vector thunderbird butane torch insert for Zippo lighters

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Hanzo, Apr 8, 2018.

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    Got one two months ago. Been firing it up maybe once or twice a day over that time. Still going strong. For comparison, the regular Zippo insert runs out within three weeks. Same configuration. I keep a ranger band around the lighter to slow down fuel fumes leaking and for better grip in my hand as well as better retention in my pocket. Side benefit is it is also ready tinder.


    Fuel lasts long time
    Adjustable flame

    Flame is not quite as wide as the original, but it could be just my setting. It can be set for a bigger flame than the original as well.
    It is not a perfect fit inside the Zippo case. When closing the cover, it rubs the striker wheel. So the cover is snugger and you potential wear out the flint faster.

    All in all, good stuff.

    My ceiling fan was blasting and kept the flame low, but did not blow it out.

    Turned off the ceiling fan. The flame can be set as tall as you like. But it is a little narrower (to me) than the original flame.

    The cover rubs against the striker wheel.

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