Venezuela disintegrates as a new breed of pirates threaten the caribbean

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    Any one who has been fallowing the Venezuela economic collapse is aware of what they have been going through .
    After reading the article you see the valued things being stolen are food and medicines .
    Ships that must anchor off coast are doing so as far as they can and shutting of the lights and engine to avoid detection ,even the coast guard there is suspect it seems seeing the police are taking money and bribes . There is no rule of law .
    Those whom travel mexico and south America already know the corruption of the police force there and it' no surprise they have disintegrated in morals in Venezuela ,but what kind of confidence can an American have on our police and military, that they won't do the same, given the same circumstances?
    Our military takes on gang members and trains them even more efficient ways to kill .
    I have read reports of American cops stealing money from drivers (presumibly suspect of drug money) . By the way one should never carry large bundles of cash with them while driving.
    Courts can be just as corrupt as the police force that support them.
    Own and operate your own recording devices .
    Post SHTF recordings may not have value, but up until then I think it's worth it.
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    Here it's called the Rico act.
    Law enforcement uses it to confiscate what ever money you have. It's based on the assumption that if a person has a large amount of money on them that the person obtained it illegally and you have to prove that the money was legally obtained. Backwards to how the rest of our legal system works, it removed reasonable doubt and puts the burden of proof on the accused.
    No surprise law enforcement confiscates around 10 times more money than the street value of the drugs they confiscate.
    Saying that you saved the money isn't a valid excuse.
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    Piracy off the coast of Venezuela - Wikipedia

    Reports of Venezuelan pirates attacking luxury yachts in the Caribbean began to emerge in 2018. Pirates also make an income by smuggling goods from Trinidad and Tobago into Venezuela, where there is scarcity of numerous common products due to economic issues. With the two countries being two hours apart by water, Venezuelan pirates can receive high profits selling Trinidadian goods in their native country and then return to the island nation to sell discounted Venezuelan contraband.

    Venezuelans also fear government authorities who are just as desperate, calling law enforcement pirates as well.

    The violence in the area lead Trinidad and Tobago Newsday to name the waters the "Gulf of No Return".[2]
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    Socialism = Black Market...
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    Socialism works for those in power , but it has never to my knowledge, ever worked for the citizens of any country it has been force on.
    It seems to me the only reason criminals push for it ,is that it makes it easier to abuse the people and exploit the resources of that nation for their own wealth .
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    U.S.C.G. and other Countries Equivalents have issued warnings for sea travles in and around the entire Gulf of Mexico! With the last major round of Hurricane damaged areas and the escalation of piracy in the gulf waters, civilian travel is not recommended outside American waters, nor vessels flagged American! Pretty standard warning, but with other nations issuing the same wwarning, that steps things up! Was planning a sailing trip in that area, not going to risk it now!
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    Just carry extra ammo.
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    How much further must this go until the area is declared a 'failed State'?
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    You obviously don't understand how black markets work....and in what economic environments they work.
    Black market - Wikipedia

    Black markets operate in all economic environments...command economies, and 'free market' economies...

    There are significant black markets for all kinds of products and services in the USA......should we say American 'free market' Capitalism = Black Market??

    The USA arguably has a significant Grey Market also....Grey market - Wikipedia would we be justified in applying the same kind of false equivalence of Socialism = Black Market to America...Capitalism = Grey Market, simply because grey markets exist in capitalist America?

    I know, I know...facts don't matter, but tribal allegiance, and virtue signalling to one's fellow tribesmen evidently does. :rolleyes:
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    Well, let's see...Cuba has been "going strong" since 1959, and that's worked out so well...
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    Its a pretty long stretch to say that the USA is a capitalist state. Capitalism hasn't been in use here since circa 1933. The New Deal? Gold standard? Bank holiday? etc. and so on.

    What Is the Difference Between Capitalism and Socialism?
    Is America a Truly Capitalist Society?

    There are a lot of people who are going to say that the US is Capitalist but the reality is that both Socialism and Capitalism as they are in practice today are very similar. Really its just semantics that separates them. Judging by the thousands of articles on the internet under the heading "is America socialist or capitalist?" others would agree.

    Personally I think any government is going to put in socialist and communist rules. They do this to gain more control and power. I think if you have even one socialist or communist rule in place it makes you socialist and/or communist.

    Is America a Truly Capitalist Society?
    The Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx

    They say that people are doomed to repeat history. I think this is a learning process. From the time it took Rome to fall (about 2000 years) to the time it took the US to fall (about 200 years) we are speeding things up. This means that people are learning. This has to be done because people are learning (at a painfully slow rate) that any type of ruling, all powerful body, is going to become corrupt and enslave them. That is the way it works. Maybe one day people will realize that they are entitled to everything our overlords are entitled to.
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